banana mufkies multip img cc

BANANA MUFKIES ? This was supposed to become a yummy fluffy muffin but actually turned out to be a giant cookie! I probably created something new here so let me proudly introduce you to Mufkies! ? If you wanna join the mufkie gang, here’s how you make them: I N G R E D I… Continue reading BANANA MUFKIES ?

Save It For Later ?

save it for later multip img eacb

Save it for later ? OMG this is just ??? those raw crepe are amazing! Just 2 ingredients and it’s done!! ? Recipe : 3 bananas blended with 1/2 lemon juice �12h in the deshydrator at 110°F �Ready to eat warm with what you want! Me I use the recipe of my no-choco coulis from… Continue reading Save It For Later ?

?Golden Oat/Almond Slice? Oil-free /Sugar-free/Gluten-

golden oat almond slice oil free sugar free gluten multip img bdabaf

?Golden Oat/Almond Slice? Oil-free /Sugar-free/Gluten-free ?Recipe?? Happy Friday,guys. Today I am posting an experiment that turned out so delicious that I want to share it with you. Super Quick to make,simple ingredients and customizable. ?Golden Slice 3 ripe Bananas 1 cup Oat flour 1/2 cup Almond flour 1/2 cup  Oatmilk ( or plant based Milk… Continue reading ?Golden Oat/Almond Slice? Oil-free /Sugar-free/Gluten-

Happy Thanksgiving ? Guys !! So To Kickstart Of This Long

happy thanksgiving guys so to kickstart of this long multip img cfda

Happy Thanksgiving ? Guys !! So to kickstart of this long weekend on a sweet note I made these healthy , tasty and full of nutrients NO-BAKE CHOCOLATE ? COOKIES ?. This is a perfect dessert when you are on time crunch and still want to make something healthy. For this Recipe you need: *… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving ? Guys !! So To Kickstart Of This Long

Honestly This Is The

honestly this is the multip img bb

Honestly this is the Easiest Vegan cream Cheese With so little ingredients . . . Soak 150gr cashews for at least 2 hours Blend them with 1/2 lemon juice 65gr water 15gr refined coconut oil 1tsp apple cider vinegar Salt For the Pesto chop and mix 1cup basil leaves ( I didn’t have enough so… Continue reading Honestly This Is The

Fluffly Oat Muffins?

fluffly oat muffins multip img fdaf

Fluffly oat muffins? ⠀ Ingredients 1 banana, mashed 1/2 cup plant milk 2 tbsp nut butter, natural 1/8 cup maple syrup or agave ⠀ 1 cup oat flour (blend oats until flour) 1/2 tbsp baking powder Pinch of Salt Cinnamon ⠀ Mix wet ingredients, then dry, then everything together. Pour in a greased muffin tin… Continue reading Fluffly Oat Muffins?

Maple Sea Salt Rx Bars (v) ??

maple sea salt rx bars v multip img bac

maple sea salt rx bars (v) ?? ik @rxbar have recently come out w/ a plant-based bar but this recipe is still cheaper & uses less plastic! ? you’ll only need 5 ingredients- & that’s including the salt! ?? MAPLE SEA SALT RX BARS ??????????? (????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???????): ★ 175 g… Continue reading Maple Sea Salt Rx Bars (v) ??


pumpkin baked goods multip img fbf

?PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS? ?ingredients? •100g cooles pumpkin •50g oat flour •sweetener •1 tbsp vinegar •salt, pepper, pumpkin spice •1 scoop protein powder (optional) •liquid of choice •1/2 tbsp baking powder ?filling? •cream-cheese ?instructions? •combine everything and part the batter in two •form cookies out of one half •add more liquid to the other half and… Continue reading ?PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS?


chocolate protein balls display image 63752288

::CHOCOLATE PROTEIN BALLS:: ≫ ok so I’m actually really proud of this because it’s really the first like baking thing I’ve ever made without a recipe!! It’s not even baking but you know what I mean? ≫ there is honey in this recipe so it’s not vegan but if you are a vegan that eats… Continue reading ::CHOCOLATE PROTEIN BALLS::

Handmade Cookies Fresh From The Oven Are Almost Too Good To

handmade cookies fresh from the oven are almost too good to display image cc51e9bd

Handmade cookies fresh from the oven are almost too good to eat. But, I make do with the gooey mess. Everytime I take cookies out of the oven they’re always too soft for me and I always think they’re not done. Boy am I wrong! Softer the better honestly. I prefer almost no chocolate chips,… Continue reading Handmade Cookies Fresh From The Oven Are Almost Too Good To


sweet potato burger with fries display image fcc7f7cc

SWEET POTATO-BURGER WITH FRIES ??? Ingredients (for 4 portions): – about 500g potatoes – 1 sweet potato – 2 onions – 130g brown rice (dry) – 1 tbsp tomato paste – 1/4 tsp cumin – salt and pepper – 4 buns – 4 tsp hummus – 1 avocado – 1 tsp vegan mayo – some… Continue reading SWEET POTATO-BURGER WITH FRIES ???

#Repost @bellabevegan

repost bellabevegan display image aac89f9c

#Repost @bellabevegan • • • • • • Berlin, Germany TOFU SCRAMBLE WITH TOMATO-MOZZARELLA ?? Ingredients (for 2 portions): – 1 block tofu – 1 onion – some olive oil – 1/4 tsp turmeric – salt and pepper – 2 tomatoes – 1 vegan mozzarella (I really like the one by @mozzarisella ) – some… Continue reading #Repost @bellabevegan

Vegan Spanakopita ??

vegan spanakopita display image 3ae9dc30

Vegan Spanakopita ?? Today we are bringing you our version of the greek spinach pie or spanakopita! We regularly make this dish for a special brunch or dinner, don’t come empty handed to your friends house. We guarantee you, they will love this dish. Serve as a side for approx. 6 people / total time… Continue reading Vegan Spanakopita ??

My Very Own Bruschetta,

my very own bruschetta display image c017161f

My very own Bruschetta, Modified and different~ . . Trust me, it’s for the better ? . . When I moved to México, a friend I hold very close to my heart taught me how to make pan con tomate which is a vegan option always available in Spain. (God bless my vegetarian friends, and… Continue reading My Very Own Bruschetta,


mango lentil salad display image d2df4cae

MANGO-LENTIL-SALAD ? Ingredients (for a big portion or 2 small portions): – 80g red lentils – some vegetable broth – 1/2 iceberg lettuce – 1 mango – 2 spring onions – 1 tbsp sesame oil – 1 lime – some coriander – salt and pepper Instructions: – Cook the lentils in 200ml water and the… Continue reading MANGO-LENTIL-SALAD ?

Date Brownies ?

date brownies display image 0c7d3b6e

Date Brownies ? We love baking on the weekend! This is our first baking recipe online. We often try to keep things healthy, so these are the perfect guilt-free but delicious brownies! This recipe will be enough for approximately brownies on a 20 by 20 cm tray, but can mix and match in any type… Continue reading Date Brownies ?

What’s Your Favorite Snack ?? I’m A Huge Fan Of Th

whats your favorite snack im a huge fan of th display image 2a2ae33e

What’s your favorite snack? ?? I’m a huge fan of this 5 Minute Creamy Hummus w/ Veggies + Crackers! It’s the perfect healthy + satisfying snack! Here’s a quick version of @ThePlantRiot ‘a recipe, but make sure you head to my website to checkout all the dets on how to make the best creamy hummus… Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Snack ?? I’m A Huge Fan Of Th

This Perfect Hummus Snack Or Lunch! ???‍♀️

this perfect hummus snack or lunch display image f4889fab

This perfect hummus snack or lunch! ???‍♀️ Golden Hummus by I love the turmeric anti-inflamitory twist to this recipe! Great for a healthy lunch . 1 can chickpeas 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp tahini 1/2 tsp cumin, ground 2 tsp turmeric, ground 1 lemon, juiced 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp… Continue reading This Perfect Hummus Snack Or Lunch! ???‍♀️

Vegan Oil-free Fig Newton Energy Bites! The Ones Sold In Sto

vegan oil free fig newton energy bites the ones sold in sto multip img 0 aa3a2194

Vegan oil-free Fig Newton energy bites! The ones sold in stores are filled with fake chemicals and refined sugar. But these balls of energy are whole food plant based, simple and simply delicious! Thank you @thelemonbowl for this quick/easy/yummy recipe! INGREDIENTS: 3 cups dried Turkish figs, stems removed 1 cup walnuts 1/4 cup ground flax… Continue reading Vegan Oil-free Fig Newton Energy Bites! The Ones Sold In Sto

Looking For A Healthy Snack To Keep Around

looking for a healthy snack to keep around multip img 0 aa3cbe23

Looking for a healthy snack to keep around? These energy bites are great for just a quick snack, an excellent pre/post workout fuel or even a quick breakfast in a hurry. They are incredibly easy to make at home and pack lots of flavor and nutrients. Ingredients: 1 cup almonds 1/2 cup walnuts 1/2 cup… Continue reading Looking For A Healthy Snack To Keep Around

Homemade Banana Chiiipppsss

homemade banana chiiipppsss display image 70a3004d

Homemade Banana chiiipppsss I don’t think this needs any introduction ? . . . Ingredients ⏺ Raw Nendran Banana ⏺ Salt ⏺ Turmeric powder ⏺ Coconut Oil for deep frying ( any other oil would do… But authentic banana chips are always made in coconut oil) . . . . Steps 1. Cut both ends… Continue reading Homemade Banana Chiiipppsss

Posted @withregram • @wealthyfoodys Another Quick Dinner B

posted withregram wealthyfoodys another quick dinner b display image a2720071

Posted @withregram • @wealthyfoodys Another quick dinner brought to you by a hearty bowl of antipasto-style FETA, SUNDRIED TOMATO & OLIVE PASTA SALAD! ??? loaded with crunchy cucumbers, artichokes, herbs, garlic, lemon & ALL the feta. BEST way to repurpose any charcuterie board leftovers this holiday season. Plus, love an easy + healthy dressing, here’s… Continue reading Posted @withregram • @wealthyfoodys Another Quick Dinner B

Berry Parfait. Crème Fraîche. Maple Oat Crumble.⁠

berry parfait crme frache maple oat crumble display image 843f587f

Berry parfait. Crème fraîche. Maple oat crumble.⁠ ⁠ #veganfood #rawvegan (Link in bio for more recipes)⁠ ⁠ MAPLE OAT CRUMBLE⁠ – 1/2 cup almonds ⁠ – 1/2 cup oat flour⁠ – 2 tablespoons maple syrup ⁠ – 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract pinch salt⁠ ⁠ Coarsely grind the #almonds and oat flour in a small food… Continue reading Berry Parfait. Crème Fraîche. Maple Oat Crumble.⁠

Mini Potato And Chickpea Sausage Roll ? The Other Day I W

mini potato and chickpea sausage roll the other day i w display image c7331aa0

Mini Potato and Chickpea Sausage Roll ? The other day I went to the vegan bakery Oh My Days in Glebe and tried their potato sausage roll as well as their empanada (both were delish ?) But I thought to myself if it’s made out of potatoes surely I can try doing this at home!… Continue reading Mini Potato And Chickpea Sausage Roll ? The Other Day I W

A Very Easy, Tasty And Amazing Mixture Of A Healthy Ingredie

a very easy tasty and amazing mixture of a healthy ingredie display image 58d6c8f9

A very easy, tasty and amazing mixture of a healthy ingredients ?? . . . . HEALTHY HOMEMADE BHELPURI ❤️❤️ . . . It’s a quick process and choice of some better ingredients would make it super healthy!!?? . . . So what are you waiting for, make yours and tag @healthmantra19 to get featured… Continue reading A Very Easy, Tasty And Amazing Mixture Of A Healthy Ingredie

Just Look At These Yum Potatoes! I’m Thinking This Recipe

just look at these yum potatoes im thinking this recipe display image f709112e

Just look at these yum potatoes! I’m thinking this recipe would taste amazing with sweet potatoes too! ?? ✨ Posted @withregram • @petit_fit Ingredients: 4 medium potatoes 15ml extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp sweet paprika 1 tbsp onion powder 1 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp oregano 1 pinch ground black pepper 1 pinch of… Continue reading Just Look At These Yum Potatoes! I’m Thinking This Recipe

• Black Bean And Lentil Burgers •

black bean and lentil burgers display image bb01a1b6

• Black bean and lentil burgers • A fantastic lunch or snack idea inspired by @minimalistbaker and @erin.appetit ? dEats: – 240g canned black beans – 150g green lentils (cooked) @mckenziesfoods – 150g mushrooms – 1 red onion – 20g oats (to thicken and reduce moisture) – Spices (paprika, cumin, chilli flakes, salt and pepper)… Continue reading • Black Bean And Lentil Burgers •

Haven’t Cooked For A Long Time, That’s Why There Were No

havent cooked for a long time thats why there were no display image ca2bd38b

Haven’t cooked for a long time, that’s why there were no posts! I was in Holland with family & friends, and I literally cooked only once. My father is a professional chef, so imagine how spoiled I was in Holland ?.. Now I’m back in Turkey, I’ll start again. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the… Continue reading Haven’t Cooked For A Long Time, That’s Why There Were No

Mattar Chaat For Brunch.

mattar chaat for brunch multip img 0 5bed6687

Mattar chaat for brunch. I normally make these with dehydrated white peas, but this time I used a mix of white and green peas . Toppings assembled at table, as per choice. Sweet & sour tamarind chutney, spicy green chutney, onions, sev, coriander, dahi/ yoghurt, lemon, black salt, chaat powder, jeera / cumin powder Since… Continue reading Mattar Chaat For Brunch.

?Cowboy Caviar!!

cowboy caviar display image a443751b

?Cowboy Caviar!! A light, simple, and versatile dish that is perfect for summer. This recipe is great as an appetizer, quick snack, or even topping. ⭐️It is naturally vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free so anyone and everyone can enjoy it. Ingredients: •½ cup olive oil •¼ cup white wine vinegar •1 teaspoon chili powder •1… Continue reading ?Cowboy Caviar!!

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