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FOOD STUFF ?? Grilled cheese, anyone? Can’t wait until I’m sick of these because I can’t stop eating them ? Okay, last two days: Zucchini oat fiber cookies and cream pudding Cauliflower curry soup Apples and chocolate dip Chocolates I made by freezing my chocolate dip (1tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tbsp zero calorie maple syrup)–turned… Continue reading FOOD STUFF ??

Homemade Creamy Truffle Linguine ?

homemade creamy truffle linguine multip img ed

Homemade creamy truffle linguine ? Ingredients: 1 cup of raw unsalted cashews soaked in 2 cups of water overnight or in hot water for 20minutes ½ cup water 1 ½ teaspoon salt 8 oz spaghetti 8 tablespoon Shaved Truffles Carpaccio 4 tablespoon truffle water or 1 tablespoon truffle oil 4 tablespoon chopped fresh basil red… Continue reading Homemade Creamy Truffle Linguine ?

???????? ?????? &

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???????? ?????? & ??????? ?????? ????? ?????! Good morning everyone, happy Sunday! Coming at y’all with another savoury recipe – yes I did say savoury ? This pesto pasta is so easy to make & so delicious, making the perfect family treat! It can also easily be made vegan friendly ? As a pasta enthusiast,… Continue reading ???????? ?????? &

Quinoa Fried Rice// ???

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Quinoa Fried Rice// ??? 1/2 cup quinoa (per person) 1/2 onion 1 capsicum/bell pepper 1 egg* paneer/tofu 1/2 carrot ginger garlic ? Use tofu scramble/egg replacement/soy granules instead for dressing/stir fry sauce 1/2 tbsp chilli sauce a pinch of salt a pinch of pepper chilli flakes, if required 1. Wash quinoa 2-3 times, and cook… Continue reading Quinoa Fried Rice// ???

The Ingredients For A Really Simple Italian Recipe That Look

the ingredients for a really simple italian recipe that look display image bcaa

the ingredients for a really simple Italian recipe that looks like autumn on a plate and is really popular on my blog, it’s an authentic Italian recipe for a mushroom spaghetti with chilli and basil that I make with black spaghetti, but standard spag or black rice noodles are fine too.. I also make mine… Continue reading The Ingredients For A Really Simple Italian Recipe That Look

Vegansk & Glutenfri Butternutpaj??

vegansk & glutenfri butternutpaj multip img cdadc

Vegansk & glutenfri butternutpaj?? . Recept: Pajdeg – 2dl glutenfri mjölmix, 1dl mandelmjöl, 100g mjölkfritt smör, 2msk strösocker. Fyllning 500g butternut, 2dl strösocker, 1,5tsk pumpkin spice. . Skär upp butternut i skivor och olja in med valfri matolja, placera i en ugnsform och rosta i ugnen på 200°c i ca 20-30 minuter, ta ut dem… Continue reading Vegansk & Glutenfri Butternutpaj??

Broccoli Salad?

broccoli salad multip img cee

Broccoli salad? A big bowl of salad is always a great way to make sure we eat our greens. It’s quick and easy and you can add whatever you have on hand. As I tend to overload my poor fridge this is a great way to empty it ? Basically, this is not a recipe… Continue reading Broccoli Salad?

Creamy Pepper Pasta

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Creamy Pepper Pasta Quick and easy recipe. ??ingredients for one big serving: 125g (whole grain) pasta 1 pepper 1 onion 1 tomato 2 tbsp tomato paste optional : 2 tbsp nutritional yeast 50ml oatcream basil, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, chili olive oil Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Cut and wash your vegetables. Put them… Continue reading Creamy Pepper Pasta

I Am Going To Share With You The World’s Easiest And Most

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I am going to share with you the world’s easiest and most delicious VEGAN apple cake. This simple and absolutely delicious apple cake is light, fluffy, loaded with fresh apples and a crunchy top. For tour attention no mixer is needed ? Try it out and let me know if you like it as much… Continue reading I Am Going To Share With You The World’s Easiest And Most

Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy Steak Topped With Ze

nacho steak milanesa & rice crispy steak topped with ze display image cbbbe

Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy steak topped with zesty cheese sauce & served with flavorful mexican cauli-rice by @lowkarbkhaleesi . . Dinner inspiration tonight came from my friend 》@pieceofketopyatt . . ? What You Need: top sirloin steak 2 eggs 1 cup @PorkKingGood crumbs (? ALESE10 saves 10%) 1/4 cup unflavored protein powder… Continue reading Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy Steak Topped With Ze

New Week, New You!

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New Week, New You! Fall Vibes ?? with this Matcha Oatmeal Bowl.? You can add any toppings you like; fruits, berries, dried fruits, nuts, seeds.☺ MATCHA PINEAPPLE BOWL ?? INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup oatmeal 1 tbsp cinnamon powder 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract dash of ground cardamom powder 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (love my @threetreesfoods… Continue reading New Week, New You!

E – Eggplant (Aubergine)

e eggplant aubergine display image dce

E – Eggplant (Aubergine) So I do hate myself for calling an aubergine an eggplant but I was struggling to come up with anything for E ? This is a post I’ve done before but this recipe is so tasty I thought I’d repost it ✌️ This is an absolutely delicious dinner and only takes… Continue reading E – Eggplant (Aubergine)

? Chickpea Falafel ?

chickpea falafel multip img dba

? Chickpea Falafel ? Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern food made with legumes (most often with chickpeas or fava beans) that’s mixed with herbs, spices, and then deep fried until crisp golden brown on the outside and tender in the middle. Ingredients : 2 cup chickpeas 1/2 Onion 6-7 Garlic cloves Green Chillies as… Continue reading ? Chickpea Falafel ?


coconut protein bars recipe display image fcbcb

COCONUT PROTEIN BARS (recipe) I am always finding ways to veganize some of my favourite non-vegan snacks. Bounties is definitely one of them! Not only is it really easy to make this (you only need a few simple ingredients), but when you add protein powder to the mix, it becomes the perfect workout snack. For… Continue reading COCONUT PROTEIN BARS (recipe)

Healthy Swaps: Apple Pie Baked Oats

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Healthy Swaps: Apple Pie Baked Oats . 1/2 cup oats, blended into flour 1 banana, mashed 1 TBS flaxseed 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/2 scoop protein powder Apple Topping: 1/2 apple, diced + 2 tsp sweetener + pinch cinnamon . . Preheat oven at 320 degrees F. Heat Apple topping mix on… Continue reading Healthy Swaps: Apple Pie Baked Oats

Pineapple • Coconut • Avocado Popsicles ??

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Pineapple • Coconut • Avocado Popsicles ?? Nutrition Fact: Avocados are packed with the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which promote eye health and can lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts ? INGREDIENTS ? • 1 cup frozen pineapple • 1 avocado, pitted and peeled • 1/2 banana • 1 cup coconut… Continue reading Pineapple • Coconut • Avocado Popsicles ??

Normalise Posting Your Poverty Meals Lol X

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Normalise posting your poverty meals lol x God it’s been a tough month of car costs and paying rent and bills, but we made it through alive hehe x Here’s the roast i made today using the basic ingredients I had. Made the onion gravy by sautéing onions, then adding a bit of flour to… Continue reading Normalise Posting Your Poverty Meals Lol X


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FOOD STUFF ?? We’ve had frozen falafel in our fridge since probably before the pandemic began and I decided yesterday was the day to eat them. Shockingly, they turned to ash in my air fryer. Having already made my tahini dressing (1tbsp tahini, 1tsp lemon, ~tsp garlic powder, ~tsp cumin, salt, pepper, water to thin)… Continue reading FOOD STUFF ??

Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato Recipe ✨

stuffed baked sweet potato recipe multip img bedd

Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato Recipe ✨ What you’ll need: – A medium sized Sweet Potato – 2 Tbsp of your preferred salsa (I used medium Tostitos) @tostitos – 3/4 cup of canned Dark Red Kidney beans (rinsed well/patted dry) – 1/4 cup of @daiyafoods Cheddar Cheese Shreds For guac: – 1/2 an Avocado – 1… Continue reading Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato Recipe ✨

? Creamy Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Soup ?

creamy sweet potato & red lentil soup multip img aceabf

? Creamy Sweet potato & Red lentil soup ? The soup season is here and I’m starting it with what’s now one of my favs soups. Ingredients: 1 onion, chopped 2 large garlic cloves, chopped 600gr sweet potatoes, cubed Small piece of ginger, chopped or minced 1/2 tsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp ground corriander 1/2… Continue reading ? Creamy Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Soup ?


almond overnight oats display image 1f851add

•ALMOND OVERNIGHT OATS•? … topped with frozen raspberries, blueberries, dark chocolate, banana slices, almonds and a huge portion white almond nut butter! Happy Tuesday! •RECIPE ? •70g oats •10g almond flour •5g chia seeds •30g mashed banana (or 30g apple purée) •35g vegan vanilla protein powder •30g soy yogurt •100-150ml almond milk *mix all the… Continue reading •ALMOND OVERNIGHT OATS•?

Bhunja Is A Mixture Of Nutrition And Yummy Taste. Have You E

bhunja is a mixture of nutrition and yummy taste have you e display image 40e0f85d

Bhunja is a mixture of nutrition and yummy taste. Have you ever tasted it?? भूंजा पौष्टिकता और सुस्वाद का मिश्रण है। क्या आप कभी भी खाये है?? ??????? ❤️ Bhunja is one of the many typical snacks eaten in North India. It is available in various versions under various names in the North Indian plains.… Continue reading Bhunja Is A Mixture Of Nutrition And Yummy Taste. Have You E

Broccoli And Potato Cakes Recipe ??

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Broccoli and potato cakes recipe ?? Save to bookmark the recipe for later ??? ~ Ingredients: – 1 head of broccoli – 2 large potatoes – Handful fresh chives – Chilli flakes – 75g grated cheese ~ Method: Boil the broccoli florets while you microwave the potatoes. Scoop out the inside flesh of the potato… Continue reading Broccoli And Potato Cakes Recipe ??

Chana Tikki/ White Chick Pea Tikki

chana tikki white chick pea tikki display image 8484da49

Chana tikki/ white chick pea tikki . . Here is a nutritious variant of this all time favorite snack made with protein and calcium rich chick peas (chana). . . Ingredients 2 cups soaked and boiled white chana/ chickpeas 2 green chilies, finely chopped 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 tsp garlic paste 1/2 tsp… Continue reading Chana Tikki/ White Chick Pea Tikki

? Best Vegan Miso Soup 2.0

best vegan miso soup 20 multip img 0 cf1a5457

? Best Vegan Miso Soup 2.0 Craving a steaming bowl of vegan miso soup, loaded with veggies and bursting with savory and umami flavors? I called this recipe version 2.0 since I already posted the classic Miso soup I always make a little while ago (you can find it in my feed below) ?? You… Continue reading ? Best Vegan Miso Soup 2.0

How To Make Cholar Dal / Lentils / Chickpeas With Vegetables

how to make cholar dal lentils chickpeas with vegetables multip img 0 8ca2d43a

How to make Cholar dal / lentils / chickpeas with vegetables in bangladeshi style : . . Ingredients: 1/2 onion 1 cup cholar dal ( chickpeas) Vegetables (4/5 types) Oil -2 tbsp Salt to taste – Bay leaf -1 Turmeric powder -1 tbsp Chili powder -1 tsp Cumin powder -1 tbsp Green chilli -4 pcs… Continue reading How To Make Cholar Dal / Lentils / Chickpeas With Vegetables

Swipe Left ? For More Sexy Shots! ♥️?

swipe left for more sexy shots multip img 0 225c7d40

Swipe left ? for more sexy shots! ♥️? RECIPE BELOW ?? —- ?? RECETA ABAJO ?? . ——————————— Ingredients: Oats Amaranth Nuts Blueberries Blackberries Honey/Maple Syrup . ?PROCEDURE: -cook your oats in medium heat with cinnamon* (optional) -plate your oats and add amaranth and nuts -top with berries and honey. That simple!! ? ————————— ??… Continue reading Swipe Left ? For More Sexy Shots! ♥️?

?Garlicky Mushroom & Avo Toast?

garlicky mushroom & avo toast display image c4bb8387

?Garlicky Mushroom & Avo Toast? Follow us @healthy_lifestyle_recipe For more!! . For Recipes Book check the link in my Bio ?? @healthy_lifestyle_recipe . By @kamillasyogakitchen . Recipe: . Ingredients: (1 serving) ?2 slices of sourdough bread ?a large handful of mushrooms (I used brown ones) ?1 tbsp olive oil ?1 clove of garlic, finely chopped… Continue reading ?Garlicky Mushroom & Avo Toast?

Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen By @rabbitandwolves ? One P

vegan spicy thai peanut ramen by rabbitandwolves one p display image 99c1fb58

Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen by @rabbitandwolves ? one pot, hearty and filling without being heavy, flavorful broth, great for cold days! . Follow us @healthy_lifestyle_recipe for more vegan recipe ?? . ?Ingredients * 2 Teaspoons Olive oil * 3 Cloves Garlic, chopped * 1 Teaspoon Ginger, grated * 1 Teaspoon Green curry paste *… Continue reading Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen By @rabbitandwolves ? One P

Vegan Buddha Bowl ?⁣

vegan buddha bowl display image 7062a496

Vegan Buddha Bowl ?⁣ ⁣ An easy, quick, delicious bowl of goodness, suitable for lunch or dinner! Combine all ingredients below in a bowl and enjoy ?⁣ ⁣ Ingredients:⁣ ⁣ ? Tenderstream broccoli or broccoli florets ⁣ ? Cauliflower rice (pan fried with onion, garlic, sliced mushrooms and diced bell peppers )⁣ ? Roasted paprika… Continue reading Vegan Buddha Bowl ?⁣

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