Lentil, Chickpea And Carrot “Meatloaf” ??

lentil chickpea and carrot meatloaf multip img dbafaf

Lentil, Chickpea and Carrot “Meatloaf” ?? Ingredients: Olive oil 1 onion 2 carrots, grated 4 garlic cloves, grated 400 g can of chickpeas 400 g cooked green or brown lentils 3/4 cups breadcrumbs 2 Tbsp soy sauce 2 Tbsp tomato purée 150 g mixed nuts, chopped 1.5 tbsp dried oregano 1 tsp fennel seeds S&P… Continue reading Lentil, Chickpea And Carrot “Meatloaf” ??

Green Powder Drinks – There Is So Much To Say About Them! @m

green powder drinks there is so much to say about them m display image cccf

Green Powder Drinks – there is so much to say about them! @maggie_daniluk Nowadays it’s hard to get all of your micronutrients and essential minerals in food form, hence why many brands provide us with such convenience in a powder form. Pour it, mix it, drink it – it’s that simple! I’m all about living… Continue reading Green Powder Drinks – There Is So Much To Say About Them! @m

⚡️Cyber Monday Deal⚡️ Enjoy 20% Of Dog Bone Broth!

cyber monday deal enjoy % of dog bone broth multip img adb

⚡️Cyber Monday Deal⚡️ Enjoy 20% of dog bone broth! Dog bone broth has become VERY popular, especially among semi-health-curious foodies. Although there’s little research on its benefits, people on the internet talk about it, so you should probably jump on board! For our delicious, sippable, organic, collagen-rich dog bone broth, we use only the highest… Continue reading ⚡️Cyber Monday Deal⚡️ Enjoy 20% Of Dog Bone Broth!

If You Have A Sweet Tooth, Youre Gonna Love This!?⁠

if you have a sweet tooth youre gonna love this display image bf

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re gonna love this!?⁠ ⁠ Check out @luckiesigouin for more vegan and fitness content!⁠ ⁠ When we’re talking about desserts, we gotta talk about ice cream. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t like ice cream?⁠ ⁠ No matter what the situation is, ice cream just…works. Just had dinner? Ice… Continue reading If You Have A Sweet Tooth, Youre Gonna Love This!?⁠

Follow @HealthyFoody247 To Get New Recipes Every Day….

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Follow @HealthyFoody247 to get new recipes every day…. Three Healthy Vegan COOKIE DOUGH Recipes! ?❤️? *Swipe for all 3 easy + delicious ideas! 1,2,3 Which is your favourite?.. ⠀ ? HEALTHY BREAKFAST COOKIE DOUGH ? ⠀⠀Makes 4 servings Blend 1 cup oat flour, 1/2 cup coconut milk from a carton not a tin, 1 cup… Continue reading Follow @HealthyFoody247 To Get New Recipes Every Day….


how much weight will i lose display image daf

HOW MUCH WEIGHT WILL I LOSE?!? . A lot of people wonder how much weight you might lose when on a juice-only Juice Feast? . Weight loss varies for everyone depending on where you are at in your health journey. . . This cleansing intestines and burning fat, which we will share with you, only… Continue reading HOW MUCH WEIGHT WILL I LOSE!

•?Vegan Apple Pie ??•.

vegan apple pie multip img fe

•?Vegan apple pie ??•. . ??‍?Une recette au goût automnale,gourmande et rapide ??. . ??‍⚕️ Vegan et Sans gluten pour une version saine ??. . •?Ingredients?•. . • 160 gr de farine (1/2 riz + 1/2 d’avoine) ?. • 80 gr d’huile de coco?. • 60 gr de sucre. • 2 c.Soupe d’eau?. • 200… Continue reading •?Vegan Apple Pie ??•.

? 1700 Taste Bomb?⁣

taste bomb display image cfedbc

? 1700 taste bomb?⁣ ⁣ ?Follow @abovefitness5? ?Follow @abovefitness5? ?????????: 2 bacon medallions, 1 egg, reduced sugar ketchup in a tortilla wrap.⁣ ⁣ ??????: Protein yogurt, apple and 25g of nut butter.⁣ ⁣ ?????: 1 tin of tuna, sweet corn, ~15g mayo (double this if using lighter mayo) in a sandwich⁣ ⁣ ??????: 2 ‘skinny’… Continue reading ? 1700 Taste Bomb?⁣

Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy Steak Topped With Ze

nacho steak milanesa & rice crispy steak topped with ze display image cbbbe

Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy steak topped with zesty cheese sauce & served with flavorful mexican cauli-rice by @lowkarbkhaleesi . . Dinner inspiration tonight came from my friend 》@pieceofketopyatt . . ? What You Need: top sirloin steak 2 eggs 1 cup @PorkKingGood crumbs (? ALESE10 saves 10%) 1/4 cup unflavored protein powder… Continue reading Nacho Steak Milanesa & Rice ? Crispy Steak Topped With Ze


tomato and fennel soup display image fce

TOMATO AND FENNEL SOUP With Autumn at the doorstep, the weather asks for warming, grounding foods like soups. The following recipe is a comforting tomato soup with the extra kick of fennel, which not only adds a nutty, sweet flavour but also strengthens digestion. INGREDIENTS 1 red onion 1 garlic clove 3 thyme sprigs 2… Continue reading TOMATO AND FENNEL SOUP


chickpea blondies display image ac

CHICKPEA BLONDIES✨ ⁠. This recipe by @lilsipper is literally wizardry!⁠ 1, 15 oz can of chickpeas⁠ 1/2 cup nut butter⁠ 1/2 cup apple sauce⁠ 1/4 cup coconut flour⁠ Chocolate chips to taste⁠ ⁠. Drain and rinse chickpeas then blend with remaining ingredients except chocolate chips.⁠ Stir in chocolate then transfer batter into a lined bread… Continue reading CHICKPEA BLONDIES✨


vegan japchae multip img adaf

?VEGAN JAPCHAE? Ingredients: Glass Noodles 1 Onion 4 Cloves of Garlic 2 Carrots 1 Bell Pepper 5 Cremini Mushrooms Quarter of a Purple Cabbage Handful of Spinach Green Onions Sauce?: 1 tbsp Sesame Oil 1 tsp Ground Ginger 1 tbsp Cornstarch 1/4 cup Brown Sugar 1/3 cup Soy Sauce 1/4 cup Water 1 tbsp Chili… Continue reading ?VEGAN JAPCHAE?

?? Heures Amb Arròs I Verduretes

heures amb arrs i verduretes display image c

?? Heures amb arròs i verduretes INGREDIENTS PER A 2/3 RACIONS 1 paquet d’Heures especiados 1 pot XL d’arròs basmati per a microones 1 carbassó petit tallat a mitges llunes 1 manat d’espàrrecs tallat a rodelles 1 grapat de tomàquets cherry tallats per la meitat 1 bitxo fresc tallat a rodelles Soja o tamari (sense… Continue reading ?? Heures Amb Arròs I Verduretes

Peachy Keen – See Recipe Below:

peachy keen see recipe below display image 79e5f1d4

Peachy Keen – See Recipe Below: Delicious, Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Energy, & Incredible Health! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup frozen peaches ½ banana 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ⅓ cup vanilla plant-based protein powder ½ cup ice cubes Water to blend (optional) NUTRITION: 287 calories / 3 g fat… Continue reading Peachy Keen – See Recipe Below:

Tomorrow Marks The Start Of August, Which Means Its National

tomorrow marks the start of august which means its national display image 91e4878c

Tomorrow marks the start of August, which means its National Wellness Month! We are running a 31 Day Challenge to put YOU first! Make sure you follow our instagram stories daily to see each day’s challenge and make sure you tag us for your chance to win prizes and freebies for the month of August!… Continue reading Tomorrow Marks The Start Of August, Which Means Its National

Walnut And Sundried Tomato Stuffed Mushrooms ?

walnut and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms display image c8edb0b7

Walnut and Sundried Tomato Stuffed Mushrooms ? Had some of these for leftover lunch today, they’re so tasty! Full Recipe on latest post. Inspired by @cilantro_and_citronella Ingredients: For the mushroom mix: 14 medium/large mushrooms, 1 onion, 5 cloves of garlic, 4 tbsp chopped walnuts, 4 tbsp chopped sundries tomatoes, 4 tbsp chopped parsley, S&P, and… Continue reading Walnut And Sundried Tomato Stuffed Mushrooms ?

The SW Version Of Heinz Tomato Soup Is Amazing As It Is But

the sw version of heinz tomato soup is amazing as it is but display image 2fe238f8

The SW version of Heinz tomato soup is amazing as it is but made even better with a big old dollop of @nollies.chillies chocolate habenero chilli sauce. Perfect for lunch. Ingredients 2 400g tins Chopped tomatoes 300g Tinned Carrots (drained) 420g Tin of baked beans 6 small pickled onions (or 3 large pickled onions) 1/2… Continue reading The SW Version Of Heinz Tomato Soup Is Amazing As It Is But

Jin Logon Ko Tindon (apple Gourd) Say Allergy Hai Woh Chicke

jin logon ko tindon apple gourd say allergy hai woh chicke multip img 0 d6445994

Jin logon ko tindon (apple gourd) say allergy hai woh chicken Karahi kha saktay hain…main bahir say khana nai order kar rai ? ************************************** Rarely do I see tinday in our international food store here in Seattle, and when I do I have to get them and make it exactly how my Nani taught me… Continue reading Jin Logon Ko Tindon (apple Gourd) Say Allergy Hai Woh Chicke

Delicious Vegan Christmas Foods!?⁣⁠

delicious vegan christmas foods display image 7af9a894

Delicious Vegan Christmas Foods!?⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ It’s that time of year again! Although this year it’s a little different. Bright lights, jam-packed digital calendar, shopping, gift wrapping, and decorations everywhere.⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ But the very BEST part of the holidays has to be all the delicious foods! It’s incredible to smell all those homemade favourite traditional dishes… Continue reading Delicious Vegan Christmas Foods!?⁣⁠

Zucchini Casserole With Skyrella

zucchini casserole with skyrella display image 2d33e7a8

Zucchini casserole with skyrella Skyr is a creamy cheese resulting from the acidic fermentation of skim milk. This food is very common in Iceland where it has been consumed for centuries; this recipe was brought on the island by the Vikings about 900 years ago. Skyrella is a magical mixture between skyr and the traditional… Continue reading Zucchini Casserole With Skyrella

Vegan Savoury Pie ??

vegan savoury pie multip img 0 5d220565

Vegan Savoury Pie ?? It is a super easy recipe that you can use for any occasion. I just used a puff pastry and filled it with: •vegan cheesy cream or homemade vegan besciamella (250ml soya milk?, 20g of any flour, half tsp nutmeg, black pepper, salt?, 2tbs nutritional yeast. Heat and stir for few… Continue reading Vegan Savoury Pie ??

❄️My Moms Winter Soup☃️Recipe Below?

my moms winter souprecipe below display image fda3ed8c

❄️My mom’s winter soup☃️Recipe below? . . . ?Ingredients: Olive Oil Almond yoghurt (stayed tuned for our homemade almond yoghurt recipe?) Buckwheat flour Brown Rice Salt Pepper Dried mint Dried oregano Nutmeg Chilli Pepper ? Makin’ it: Add 2 glasses of water to 1.5 glasses of almond yoghurt Add 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour Stir… Continue reading ❄️My Moms Winter Soup☃️Recipe Below?

Caramelised Banana Chia Pudding Jar Is The Perfect Healthy B

caramelised banana chia pudding jar is the perfect healthy b display image 6ead8776

Caramelised Banana Chia Pudding Jar is the perfect healthy breakfast, snack or desert. It’s creamy, satisfying and loaded with protein, fiber and omega-3s. Amazing thing is, it is sugar free!! This is only a 4 ingredients chia pudding which is quick & easy to prepare if you’re newbie!! Check out my YouTube channel (in bio)… Continue reading Caramelised Banana Chia Pudding Jar Is The Perfect Healthy B

Boost Your Immune System ???

boost your immune system display image ebcfd427

Boost your immune system ??? Smoothie – ingredients: apple, lemon, pomelo, triphala churna (powder) ? *Triphala (the three fruits) is an Ayurvedic, polyherbal preparation comprising three ingredients. The ingredients are all fruits, and they’re all native to India: bibhitaki, amalaki, and haritaki. Each fruit is thought to positively impact the body’s three doshas. In Ayurvedic… Continue reading Boost Your Immune System ???

Happy Friday! I Can Already Feel The Seasons Changing. Corn

happy friday i can already feel the seasons changing corn display image 2d4d1c6b

Happy Friday! I can already feel the seasons changing. Corn is still in-season through October so don’t forget to try this sweet CORN, TOMATO & AVOCADO SALAD! ???? it comes with the zestiest Cilantro Lime Dressing; you’ll want to drizzle it on everything! Grab the recipe deets below????#vegetarianfood #saladlove Salad Ingredients 2 cups of cherry tomatoes,… Continue reading Happy Friday! I Can Already Feel The Seasons Changing. Corn

? Indoor Garden Why Not ?‍?

indoor garden why not display image 41d483e3

? Indoor garden? Why not? ?‍? Apart from having fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to use in your cooking, some plants are natural air purifiers and can protect you from having respiratory problems, dry coughs, and sore throats. As you know that university halls are basically breeding grounds for all kinds of colds, this is… Continue reading ? Indoor Garden Why Not ?‍?

Here’s Another Bite Of Yum With Our Timeless Classic Unswe

heres another bite of yum with our timeless classic unswe display image 983169a3

Here’s another bite of yum with our timeless classic unsweetened almond milk – something to look forward to, to kickstart your weekend! It’s easy to make and easier to hog on and finish before you know it! VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE BLUEBERRY WALNUT MUFFINS INGREDIENTS for about 5-6 muffins 1. 2 cups of old fashioned rolled… Continue reading Here’s Another Bite Of Yum With Our Timeless Classic Unswe

Banana + Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

banana + carrot cake overnight oats display image ad331f91

Banana + carrot cake Overnight oats This breakfast is perfect for a busy morning, you just need 5 min the night before to prepare it. Ingredients: 1 grated carrot 2 tsp Brown sugar 2 tsp dry grated coconut 1/2 banana 50g oats 150ml almond milk (or any other type of milk) 1 tbsp chia seeds… Continue reading Banana + Carrot Cake Overnight Oats


tofu scramble display image 6ef30a83

TOFU SCRAMBLE ✨⁠ ⁠ Follow: @charlotttequeen⁠ ⠀⁠ ⠀⁠ If you’re newly vegan and struggling for breakfast ideas, I seriously suggest you give this a go. It’s not something I ever measure out quantities for – simply have a play around with the ingredients until you get the flavour you want!⁠ ⠀⁠ ⠀⁠ In a frying… Continue reading TOFU SCRAMBLE ✨⁠

كرات البطاطس بالموزاريلا بطريقة

multip img 0 a91138fa

كرات البطاطس بالموزاريلا بطريقة لذييذة وصحية ??? دائمًا في بدائل وطرق صحية أفضل من قلي الطعام بزيت عميق، مثل التحمير بزيت زيتون، أو الفرن، أو المقلاة الهوائية. عادات الطبخ الصحية تحافظ على القيمة الغذائية للوجبة وتزودك بالطاقة والعناصر الغذائية ♥️ المقادير ?: – حبتين بطاطس متوسط الحجم – فليفلة ملونة مفرومة – بصل أخضر مفروم… Continue reading كرات البطاطس بالموزاريلا بطريقة

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