BAKED PEANUT BUTTER OAT CUPS By @isabels_vegan_sweets

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BAKED PEANUT BUTTER OAT CUPS by @isabels_vegan_sweets Follow us @vegan_recipe_king   for more vegan recipe inspiration ?? HEALTHY / VEGAN? / GLUTEN & LACTOSE FREE / SUPER CHEWY RECIPE (makes 6 cups) ⬇️ In a large bowl mix together: • 100 gr (gluten free) oats • 1 heaped tbsp oat flour • 1 ripe mashed banana • 30… Continue reading BAKED PEANUT BUTTER OAT CUPS By @isabels_vegan_sweets


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??????????? NO MATTER HOW OLD WE ARE KHANE KA ASLI SWAAD UNGLIYON KO CHATNE KE BAAD HI AATA HAI BOSS!!??? ?????????? ??IN FRAME:-?? “””VEG POCKETS””” ?????????? ?????????? ?POCKET ingredients :- ? Capsicum ?Dher sara cabbage ? Carrot ?Aur aalu bhi?? ?????????? ?FOLLOW ? @cookieetarian @cookieetarian @cookieetarian ?????????? Tag and use #cookieetarian to get featured in… Continue reading ???????????

Cashew Cheesecake ?

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Cashew cheesecake ? . I always make my cheesecakes with vegan double cream & cream cheese which is delicious but melts quick. So I wanted to give the cashew cheesecake ago as it looked amazing ? I have to say i was pretty impressed. Considering at first I didnt think it would set but it… Continue reading Cashew Cheesecake ?

✨[V+GF] Strawberry Almond Cheesecake Popsicles

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✨[V+GF] Strawberry Almond Cheesecake Popsicles • • • • Hiiii guys I feel like I haven’t been really active on here a lot the last few days! I took a little time to unplug & celebrate the holiday weekend with my bestie @kris_annn and our families. We had soo much fun eating lots of yummy… Continue reading ✨[V+GF] Strawberry Almond Cheesecake Popsicles

If There’s Something I Understood Throughout My Motherhood

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If there’s something I understood throughout my motherhood years, it’s that you can bake delicious and healthy cakes without sugar and aromas and all food additives you can find on the market! Here’s my sugar free super healthy and filling rhubarb cake!?? Ingredients: 5 stalks rhubarb 3 spoons flaxseed power in water (equivalent of 3… Continue reading If There’s Something I Understood Throughout My Motherhood

This Vegan Chocolate Cake Is Moist, Fluffy, Very Delicious A

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This vegan chocolate cake is moist, fluffy, very delicious and so easy to make! ? For the cake: Ingredients: – 3 cups flour – 1 cup brown sugar – 1/2 cup cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons baking soda – 1 teaspoon salt – 1 teaspoon espresso powder – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract – 1/2 cup… Continue reading This Vegan Chocolate Cake Is Moist, Fluffy, Very Delicious A

MANGO SHRIKHAND! I Rarely Do Desserts…I Am More Inclined T

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MANGO SHRIKHAND! I rarely do desserts…I am more inclined towards savory foods usually but mango season is upon us and my husband @ntshmah is crazy about sweets. So here it is! Also I really like Shrikhand because it’s so refreshing on a hot summer day and is fairly healthy since hung curd is high in… Continue reading MANGO SHRIKHAND! I Rarely Do Desserts…I Am More Inclined T

Happy Saturday, Everyone! ?

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Happy Saturday, everyone! ? Today I present to you the fluffiest oven baked doughnuts ? They’re absolutely yummy AND………wait for it………………VEGAN!!! I’ve also made some mini muffins from this batter. I hate food waste so whenever I have some really ripe bananas ? #denearuncat that you’d normally throw, I use them to make sweet treats.… Continue reading Happy Saturday, Everyone! ?

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