Lets Talk About Sweat!

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Let’s talk about sweat! Antiperspirant vs deodorant? Deodorant works against odour. Antiperspirant works against both sweat and odour. Antiperspirant blocks your pores from sweating. Deodorant doesn’t. Sweat doesn’t make us smell, the bacteria that live in our armpits does. Natural deodorants target the bacteria, as opposed to the sweat, to stop the smell. Aluminium is… Continue reading Lets Talk About Sweat!

Handmade Chocolates And They Are Vegan And Gluten Free.

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Handmade Chocolates and they are Vegan and Gluten Free. Who doesn’t ❤️ chocolates ? delivered to your door. Seriously beautiful, seriously delicious, all handmade with real ingredients. Australian made and owned. These chocolates just scream luxury from the moment you open the box. They are simply beautiful, from the flavours to the colours. We ordered… Continue reading Handmade Chocolates And They Are Vegan And Gluten Free.

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