Spinach And Mushroom Focaccia Pizza With Dukkah And Trifle S

spinach and mushroom focaccia pizza with dukkah and trifle s multip img eabc

Spinach and Mushroom Focaccia Pizza with Dukkah and trifle salt ♥️ ⁡ Toppings were vegan cheese, brown mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, Dukkah, truffle salt, chili pepper. ⁡ I’m so obsessed with Dukkah now!! Love the exotic flavors!! So delicious and satisfying ? ⁡ Please see yesterday’s post for The Dukkah recipe ⁡ And here is… Continue reading Spinach And Mushroom Focaccia Pizza With Dukkah And Trifle S

Purple Sweet Potato Soup

purple sweet potato soup display image aaa

Purple sweet potato soup ⁡ How beautiful this purple is ? How creamy and delicious this soup is ? And how much I love being vegan ? Have a happy weekend everyone ?? ⁡ Ingredients ✔️1.5 medium size purple sweet potato (peeled, cut into round slices) ✔️1 TBS vegan butter ✔️3 cups vegetable broth ✔️1… Continue reading Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Halloween Pasta ???

halloween pasta display image

Halloween pasta ??? ⁡ Happy Halloween everyone ?? And also it’s my birthday !! Yes, I’m a cooking witch ?‍♀️ ⁡ Made a Halloween themed vegan squid ink pasta. ? I like this vegan squid ink sauce, it’s really tasty, great for paella, too !! ⁡ For Halloween version, I added mashed pumpkin and purple… Continue reading Halloween Pasta ???

Pumpkin Cream Muffins ??

pumpkin cream muffins multip img ae

Pumpkin cream muffins ?? ⁡ Raining all day today, means time for baking . Listening to the smooth jazz in the background while baking, and the kitchen smells so good … it’s such a precious time for me. So what I baked today were pumpkin spice cocoa muffins with pumpkin cream, which were heavenly yummy… Continue reading Pumpkin Cream Muffins ??

Needed Some Biscoff This Morning?

needed some biscoff this morning multip img eeffd

Needed some biscoff this morning? ▨Biscoff brownie batter oats INGREDIENTS: 30g rolled oats 15g @myvegan chocolate soy protein powder 3g chia seeds 5g cocoa powder 1/2 mashed banana cinnamon 90ml water 90ml unsweetened almond milk ‍ TOPPINGS: 1/2 banana, soy yogurt, cinnamon, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, biscoff biscuit and biscoff spread ‍ → Check out… Continue reading Needed Some Biscoff This Morning?

Japanese Style Spaghetti Napolitan ?

japanese style spaghetti napolitan display image

Japanese style Spaghetti Napolitan ? ⁡ Spaghetti Napolitan is a Japanese spaghetti dish made with cured meat (of course NO❌ meat here ), onions, green peppers, and KETCHUP. ⁡ Spaghetti Napolitan was created in Japan to suit the Japanese palate during a time when Western food first started to appear. It may not be authentically… Continue reading Japanese Style Spaghetti Napolitan ?

?Simply Peppery Delicious

simply peppery delicious multip img cadf

?Simply Peppery Delicious Peppery roasted vegetables & Cacio e Pepe (cheesy peppery pasta)➡️swipe to see the photo with pasta ? ⁡ I love black pepper ? I sprinkle black pepper on almost everything. And it’s good for anti-aging, too!! Several studies show that black pepper acts as an antioxidant in your body ✨✨ ⁡ ▪️Peppery… Continue reading ?Simply Peppery Delicious

Plant Power Salad ??

plant power salad display image ccfb

Plant Power Salad ?? ⁡ Yes, we are Powered by Plants ?? ⁡ ?Ingredients ✔️curly lettuce ✔️sauerkraut ✔️tempeh sausage ✔️cherry tomatoes ✔️radish ✔️eggless egg salad ✔️red cabbage ✔️avocado ✔️pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and almonds ⁡ ? Spicy lemon tahini dressing ✔️2TBS tahini ✔️1.5tsp lemon juice ✔️1tsp soy sauce or tamari ✔️1tsp maple syrup… Continue reading Plant Power Salad ??


pkinoko cook multip img e

@pkinoko_cookさんの投稿から✨ Blueberry yogurt smoothie!!? ブルーベリー豆乳ヨーグルトスムージー ・ If you want to make smoothie stickly, add not plant milk but plant yogurt!!? ・ ?ingredients -60g frozen banana -40g frozen blueberry -20g vegan yogurt -1tbs acai powder @sunfood_japan ?topping soy yogurt, berries, granola ?ingredients -60g 冷凍バナナ -40g 冷凍ブルーベリー -20g 豆乳ヨーグルト -(大さじ1 アサイーパウダー) ?topping 豆乳ヨーグルト、ベリー、グラノーラ ・ ・ ・ いつものスムージーを違うコップに入れると雰囲気変わって楽しい?✨… Continue reading @pkinoko_cookさんの投稿から✨

Eggplant Lasagna ?

eggplant lasagna multip img fa

Eggplant lasagna ? ⁡ Found a perfect size eggplant for lasagna!! To me, shape is important, I decide what I make, what to do, and how I think from the shapes, this is not only about the food , about pretty much everything in my life. ?????▪️ BTW, this eggplant lasagna turned out super delicious… Continue reading Eggplant Lasagna ?

Nattō Cheese Okonomiyaki ?

natt cheese okonomiyaki multip img f

Nattō Cheese Okonomiyaki ? ⁡ Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake, made with wheat-flour-based batter, shredded cabbage, and your choice of ingredients , and topped with a variety of condiments. ⁡ Nattō is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, incredibly nutritious and characterized by a slimy, sticky and stringy texture. ⁡ For the… Continue reading Nattō Cheese Okonomiyaki ?

Matcha Chocolate Chip Muffins ??

matcha chocolate chip muffins display image fe75f844

Matcha Chocolate chip Muffins ?? ⁡ I’m not a big fan of sweet things, but my mom is. She has a sweet tooth!! So I’m trying to make healthier sweets for her. ⁡ Dry ingredients ✔️1/2cup rolled oats ✔️1/2cup all purpose flour ✔️2tsp baking powder (aluminum free) ✔️2TBS matcha powder ✔️pinch salt ⁡ Wet ingredients… Continue reading Matcha Chocolate Chip Muffins ??

Avocado Sushi Boat?

avocado sushi boat display image 9f4ebad7

Avocado sushi boat? ⁡ Ingredients ✔️sushi rice (seasoned with rice vinegar, cane sugar, and salt) ✔️white sesame seeds ✔️oba leaves (finely shredded ) ✔️myoga (finely shredded) ✔️tapioca-ikura ✔️avocado ⁡ Tapioca ikura looks and tastes very similar to the real one! Everyone will say “WOW” for sure ? ⁡ ?How to make tapioca ikura 1 cook… Continue reading Avocado Sushi Boat?

#Repost @veganhomecookings

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#Repost @veganhomecookings • • • • • • ?This #tiktokfetapasta Is still my trend, ‘cause it’s so good with my own made feta? ⁡ Vegan feta ✔️150g firm tofu (press and drain water) ✔️1/2 cup raw cashews (soak in water more than 3 hours, and rinse) ✔️1.5TBS lemon juice ✔️1TBS nutritional yeast ✔️1/2tsp sea salt… Continue reading #Repost @veganhomecookings

?This #tiktokfetapasta Is Still My Trend, ‘cause It’s

this tiktokfetapasta is still my trend cause its display image 10a619b3


Japanese Paella ? 

japanese paella display image b2802a97

Japanese paella ?   Yes, my parents are old, they always like “Wa-shoku” (Japanese food). So I made a Japanese version paella, which turned out so delicious, and my parents were so happy with it?  Japanese paella? Ingredients (serving 3-4) 2cups uncooked rice, lotus root, bamboo shoot, shimeji mushrooms, atsuage tofu, edamame, Japanese… Continue reading Japanese Paella ? 

Hiroshima-Yaki ? ?

hiroshima yaki multip img 0 2fa599ac

Hiroshima-Yaki ? ?  Savory Japanese pancake, which is very similar to Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima is name of the city in Japan. The biggest difference is that all of the ingredients are mixed together in Okonomiyaki before cooking, and everything is cooked together. In Hiroshimayaki, each ingredient is cooked separately and then stacked together like a… Continue reading Hiroshima-Yaki ? ?

Hokkaido (where I Live Now) Local Food Soup Curry ? 

hokkaido where i live now local food soup curry display image 2291ba8b

Hokkaido (where I live now) local food Soup Curry ?   Soup Curry is a light curry flavored soup served with chicken (of course NOT!! we are vegan ❌?) and colorful vegetables that are flash fried to give the vibrant colors.  Super easy, only 15 minutes cooking, and so delicious and comforting ?… Continue reading Hokkaido (where I Live Now) Local Food Soup Curry ? 

Vanilla Naked Cake?

vanilla naked cake display image b032fb18

Vanilla naked cake? 〜 Vegan + gluten-free 〜 ・ This naked cake is made of moist vanilla cake layers with fresh chia jam and cream decorated with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the perfect cake for any special event! ・ ➖ Cake layer ingredients ⚫︎ Dry ingredients 50g corn flour 70g almond flour 30g potato… Continue reading Vanilla Naked Cake?

Macadamia White Chocolate Pancakes ?

macadamia white chocolate pancakes multip img 0 2ab45ccd

Macadamia white chocolate pancakes ? When was the last time I made pancakes? Ummm like two months ago? it’s been toooo long!! So I had to make a nice one this morning ♡︎ Ingredients I used: @huntergatherergourmet pancake mix with @almondbreezenz almond milk, macadamia butter(I got mine from Matakana farmers market) and @noshufoods white chocolate… Continue reading Macadamia White Chocolate Pancakes ?

Creamy Red Bell Pepper Sauce With Mushroom Pasta ??

creamy red bell pepper sauce with mushroom pasta display image 4f6260c0

Creamy red bell pepper sauce with mushroom pasta ?? (Vegan + gluten free) ・ ・ A unique twist to the traditional Alfredo sauce that is super rich, creamy and packed with flavor! The secret ingredient is roasted red bell peppers! ?‍? The trick is to broil the red peppers so it gets enough charring. We’ll… Continue reading Creamy Red Bell Pepper Sauce With Mushroom Pasta ??

French And Italian Plate ?❤️?

french and italian plate display image 50cad787

French and Italian plate ?❤️?  Made French style tofu terrine, tomato bisque, and Italian style Cacio e pepe. It’s so much fun to veganise all the dishes!! Vegan cooking is always fun and creative ?  ?Tofu terrine Ingredients:  300g Firm tofu (no need to press and squeeze the water), 1tsp tahini, 1TBS… Continue reading French And Italian Plate ?❤️?

Gyoza Night ?

gyoza night display image ddaf789b

Gyoza night ? Made 50 gyozas (dumplings)for family gyoza night, we loved it, gone so quickly as always ??   ?50-gyoza ingredients : 50 gyoza wrapper  1/3 medium size cabbage  1cup TVP (boil and rinse well, and squeeze the water) 1/2 atsuage tofu  1 inch ginger (You can put garlic and… Continue reading Gyoza Night ?


display image 89221e0c

バナナパンケーキ? Banana pancakes ○小麦粉 or 米粉 150g ○ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2 ○塩 ひとつまみ ○植物性ミルク なんでも 300ml ○バナナ 2本 ○油 なんでも 大さじ1 ○バニラオイル 好きなだけ ○トッピング 好きなもの 好きなだけ 1 小麦粉、ベーキングパウダー、塩を測って混ぜておく。 2 バナナ・ミルク・油をミキサーにかけて、それを粉の入ったボウルに入れて混ぜる。 ここでバニラオイル投入。 3 フライパンかホットプレートで中火で焼いていく。ぽつぽつ穴があきだしたら焼き目を確認してひっくり返して、両面焼けたら出来上がり!! ★ミキサーがない場合はバナナだけフォークで潰してミルクと油と混ぜたら大丈夫! ミキサーもなくてボウルも1つしかない時は、ボウルでバナナ潰したりして粉は袋に入れて混ぜたらいける! ★油は香りが甘いココナッツオイルが1番いいかな!米油・太白胡麻油もくせないから使いやすいと思う!オリーブオイル使ったらデザートとゆうより、ご飯系のしょっぱい系のおかずが合うようなパンケーキ(クレープでゆうサラダ系)になる! ★バニラオイルないけどエッセンスならあるって人は代用可能。 ただ、焼くと匂いが飛びやすいからオイルの方が◎ ?ingredients ●flour 150g ●baking powder 2tsp ●a pinch of salt □plant milk 300ml □2 bananas □oil 1tbs  vanilla oil to taste Mix●, blend□with mixer, combine them and vanilla oil. Fry on… Continue reading バナナパンケーキ?

It’s Already Wednesday Here, But Taco Tuesday From @rinasb

its already wednesday here but taco tuesday from rinasb display image c314ce43

It’s already Wednesday here, but Taco Tuesday from @rinasberry and @ellitas_easy_meals got me!! So made a chili bowl which was so good and delicious ?  Ingredients for veggie chili : Red kidney beans, TVP(cooked and rinsed), diced zucchini, corn, a tin of whole tomato, chili, cumin, coriander, cayenne, maple syrup, sea salt, canola oil,… Continue reading It’s Already Wednesday Here, But Taco Tuesday From @rinasb

? Homemade Beet Sauce And Basil Pasta

homemade beet sauce and basil pasta display image 2e2392b0

? Homemade beet sauce and basil pasta ・ I’ve made a few types of vegetable broth that could be used across different recipes. ??‍? One of them is a “beet sauce” made with onions, carrots, tomatoes, salt and spices to beets ? Depending on the seasoning, it can be used as a pasta sauce, stew,… Continue reading ? Homemade Beet Sauce And Basil Pasta

?Vegan Spinach Curry?

vegan spinach curry display image 4b9232e0

?Vegan Spinach Curry? (ヴィーガンほうれん草カレー) {Ingredients} -Spinach -Lentils -Garlic -Ginger -Onion -Tomato -Chili -Olive oil -Coconut milk -Garam Masala -Turmeric -Cumin ?1.Cook lentils in advance 2.Boil spinach with coconut milk. Remove from the heat as soon as the spinach has wilted. 3. Blend the spinach and the coconut milk until smooth. 4. Sauté garlic, ginger and… Continue reading ?Vegan Spinach Curry?

?Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls?

vegan fresh spring rolls display image f58725d1

?Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls? (ヴィーガン生春巻き) I marinated the shredded red cabbage over night to have stronger flavor ? So that I don’t need to make sauce for this. But if you wanna have an extra punch of flavors, I recommend to go for peanut cream sauce! {Ingredients} -Fresh spring roll wrapper -Lettuce -Red cabbage -Carrot… Continue reading ?Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls?

?Vegan Spinach Hamburger Steak?

vegan spinach hamburger steak display image b95f8271

?Vegan Spinach Hamburger Steak? (ヴィーガンほうれん草ハンバーグ) Basically, the main ingredients are soy minced meat and spinach!? For the “glue”, I used an egg. If you add some bread crumbles and cinnamon powder, you’ll have more flavor.?? 大豆ミート使ってハンバーグ!ほうれん草も1束使うので、たくさん野菜を摂れます?繋ぎは卵で、みじん切りにした玉ねぎ、パン粉、シナモンを加えて、おいしさアップ⤴️ {Ingredients} -Soy meat -Spinach -Onion -Green onion(this is optional) -Bread crumbles -One egg -Cinnamon powder -Salt and pepper -Garlic(for… Continue reading ?Vegan Spinach Hamburger Steak?

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