Vegan Chick-fil-a Sandwich With Knock-off Chick-fil-a Sauce

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Vegan Chick-fil-a Sandwich with knock-off Chick-fil-a sauce and oil-free air fryer fries 🤩

We’ve been perfecting this one for a while now. This was our first go at making it with tofu, and it turned out great!

Tofu, pressed (this is a marinade! Do this a few hours prior!)
1 cup pickle juice
1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

Marinate tofu in pickle juice, almond milk + ACV for a few hours. Be sure to save the marinade. You’ll need it for the batter.

1 cup gluten-free flour
2 tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
¾ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp celery salt
½ tsp dried basil
½ cup almond milk
½ cup marinade from above

Preheat oven to 425F.
Mix batter ingredients. Add an extra tablespoon of almond milk/marinade if the batter needs to be thinner. Press tofu again. Dice into blocks or cut lengthwise into sheets.
Coat the tofu in the batter and place on a parchment lined baking sheet.
Place in oven for 30 minutes.

Vegan Chick-fil-a Sauce:
1/2 cup cashew yogurt (we love @foragerproject)
2 tsp yellow mustard
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp agave
1 tbsp BBQ sauce (we love @stubbsbbqsauce)

Combine all sauce ingredients, place in fridge

Assemble sandwiches… top with whatever you want. We love @odoughs bread, knockoff Chick-fil-A Sauce, pickles, and of course – pickled jalapeños.

Oil Free Air Fryer Fries:
3 potatoes, peeled + cut into steak fries
Turmeric, paprika, onion powder, garlic salt, pepper

Preheat air fryer to 400F for 3 minutes.
Place potatoes in a large bowl and rinse with cold water. Drain and dry off the potatoes. Cover in spices.
Dump into air fryer.
Air fry at 400 degrees for 12 minutes. Shake the fries every 3 minutes.

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