I Have Prepared Different Types Of Sandwiches. And This Is S

i have prepared different types of sandwiches and this is s multip img dbddd
i have prepared different types of sandwiches and this is s multip img dbddd

I have prepared different types of sandwiches. And this is something we can prepare with minimum as well as many ingredients. Depends on availability and mood. So this time it was elaborate.

Here is the list of ingredient:

For chutney:

Mint leaves – 1 cup

Green chilly – 1

Jeera – 1/2tsp

Tamarind – very small piece

Grated coconut- 5-6tsp(can even skip)

Salt to taste


For sandwich:

Onion -1

Cucumber- 1/2

Tomato- 1

Carrot – 1

Butter – for brushing

Cheese slices

Method of preparation:

?First prepare the chutney by grinding all he ingredients listed under chutney. This was the first time I could finish a bunch of mint leaves so I kinda felt happy ?

?Cut onion, cucumber, tomato and carrot in round shape.

?Next take a slice of bread and apply butter to one side and chutney to the other side

?Keep the tawa on gas on medium heat,and place the buttered side on tawa.

?Now place the cut veggies and arrange them.

?Place a slice of cheese. I first placed one slice but then I had normal bread and not sandwich bread so next one onwards I placed half slice.

?Now take another slice and apply butter to one side n chutney to other.

?Keep the chutney applied side on the sandwich.

?Now press it properly

?Next flip it so that we can roast the other side.

?Once both the sides are roasted well, take it out and cut in triangular shape n serve with Tomato sauce.

?Note :

Make sure through out the process gas is on medium heat.

The butter and cheese slice should be on medium heat for better results

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