🐟🥕Saturday Brunch🥕🐟

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🐟🥕Saturday Brunch🥕🐟

For this weeks #loveveganweekendrecipe I have some delicious vegan ‘smoked salmon’ AKA Carrot lox, carrot lox is surprisingly similar to smoked salmon without the fish 🐟
By switching to a vegan alternative you’re not only doing your bit for the environment & the oceans but also for the animals 🎣
We love our carrot lox piled on top of a bagel with vegan cream cheese Find the recipe below ⬇️ or the full written recipe is up on our recipe blog NOW!


🥕3 large carrots
🥕1tsp salt
🥕3/4 cup hot water
🥕1 sheet nori (seeweed)
🥕2 tbsp rice vinegar
🥕1 tbsp white miso paste
🥕3 tbsp soy sauce
🥕Dash of liquid smoke
🥕1 tsp ground paprika powder
🥕1/4 cup olive/rapeseed oil


🐟Slice the carrots lengthways in half and boil for 5-10 minutes until soft but still with a tiny little bite to it (not mushy)
🐟Mix all the other ingredients into a medium sized bowl until the miso paste is fully combined
🐟Drain the carrots once they are cooked and pop them into a pan of very cold water to prevent them still cooking
🐟Once the carrots are cooled down, slice them lengthways into strips. I like to cut some with a potato peeler to create thinner slices and the rest by hand to create thicker. Mismatch in sizes will look more like smoked salmon
🐟Cover the bowl and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours for the flavours to become absorbed, ideally leave them over night.
🐟Serve as you would regular smoked salmon – for this salmon brunch you’ll need some bagels, vegan cream cheese and a few seeds for garnish. Or, try topping on top of a tofu scramble as well 👌

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