Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon Bagel 🤤 … Is Probably Wh

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Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bagel 🤤 … is probably what I’ve missed most in my over 10 years as a vegan and what I’ve finally managed to veganize to perfection 👌🏻

There are several recipes for vegan carrot “salmon” out there and they’re really good! I however also require they be simple, if I am to eat this as often as I would like; so inspired by this super simple recipe from @sofreakinvegan, my new go-to recipe is this:

Slice 3 big carrots into thin slices and boil the slices for approximately 3-5 minutes in salty water. Make sure they are all smooth and soft – no crunch left! Then put the slices in a bowl containing a marinade made with 4 tbsp oil, 1,5 tbsp liquid smoke, 2 tbsp nori seaweed powder (health food stores) and salt. And perhaps some dried dill (optional). Mix thoroughly and let soak for min. 30 minutes.

The rest of this meal is just store bought bagels (because lazy), vegan cream cheese from random supermarket, avo, spinach, tomatoes and fresh dill 😍

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