This Is One For Those Hot Summer Days 🌡 ☀️

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This is one for those hot summer days 🌡 ☀️
Whipped up one of my fav salads inspired by @thehappypear last night 🥗 It was a bit impromptu but managed to have most of the ingredients. It’s perfect as an accompaniment or as the star attraction 🌟
I roasted some thinly sliced leftover veggies (I hate waste!) and they were perfect with it 🤤 also added some of my spiced chickpeas which I will pop a recipe up for v soon ❤️

Prep ➡️ Easy ✅
Cooking time ➡️ 15 mins
Tips: Follow cooking instructions for quinoa to avoid it going mushy 🙅🏻‍♀️

What you’ll need:
•300g quinoa (I use multi-coloured)
•2 handfuls of spinach, broken up with your hands
•15g parsley chopped
•15g mint chopped
•50g cashews
•50g goji berries
•80g frozen peas
•80ml olive oil
•40 ml soy sauce/Tamari

*you can play around with quantities of ingredients!

1. Cook quinoa as per packet instructions.
2. Place frozen peas in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Leave for 2 minutes and remove from water.
3. Mix the olive oil and soy sauce together. This is your dressing.
4. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix together.
5. Add the dressing and give it a good mix around… Enjoy!

Side note: Whenever I make this salad for someone, they ALWAYS ask for the recipe! 😍