The Mediterranean Meal I Had In Mind When I Made The Spinach

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The Mediterranean meal I had in mind when I made the spinach pie (spanakopita) on Wednesday night. @sprouts has an amazing selection of vegan cold salads from @cedarsfoods with so much flavor and clean ingredients. Warm pita bread from @josephspitabread and a cup of @amyskitchen lentil soup along with my turmeric seasoned yellow rice made this a complete and totally scrumptious meal.
Pickled beats with red onion, chickpea salad with cranberries, black bean salad, taboule, and stuffed grape leaves all from @cedarsfoods were so refreshing! Plain hummus and some @followyourheart crumbled feta on the side. I took my plain white rice, added veggie broth and turmeric in a. Hot wok to steam it, give it an earthy flavor, and that golden yellow color. What an awesome combo! I packed a lunch like this for my wife and her colleague for Friday. I just heard it was well received.