I’m Not Much Of A Salad Person…. BUT THIS HALLOUMI SALAD

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I’m not much of a salad person…. BUT THIS HALLOUMI SALAD 🤭🤭🤭🤭 Is one of THE best salads you will put in your mouth, and so easy to prepare !
What you will need:
•Halloumi (I got mine from @realcanadiansuperstore )
•Arugula (rocket) or Spinach
•olive oil dressing mixed with honey, rosemary, garlic.
•Balsamic glaze
•pomegranate seeds
•Orzo pasta (or your favourite)
•Yam or sweet potato or squash 🍠
1) I warmed the olive oil with the rest of the ingredients so the flavours can really meld together, then put aside.
2) Roast the sweet potato etc- with salt and pepper, onion powder and smoked paprika. (Or whatever you like)
3) Cook orzo pasta until al dente and drain.
4) Sear the halloumi and add mint at the end.
5) Add ingredients to orzo with olive oil mix and toss around, then add your arugula leaves, pomegranate seeds and halloumi on top! Finish with balsamic drizzle/ glaze.
I was eating this salad for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT because it was just so delicious, moreish, fresh, and keeps well in the fridge !
Even my carnivorous partner thought this was one of the most delicious meals I’ve made !
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