Do You Know This Vegetable

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Do you know this vegetable?
It was sitting on my counter and a friend asked me what it was. Though I know she has had it at our house before, she admitted to never having seen it in its natural state, nor would have picked it up on her own. This is the wonderful and versatile KOHLRABI!

A while back I also did a post with a recipe using identical ingredients both hot and cold. The star of the show being this wonderful vegetable. If you missed it, I’ll repost it in my stories.

Kohlrabi is a funny looking vegetable, many love for the cabbage like stems. But the bulb tastes akin to a mild flavoured radish or turnip. The beauty being that it holds really well against heat and is prone to absorbing lots of delicious flavours! Here are some great ways we like to use this fabulous veggie in our house:

Raw! Cut it up into sticks, it’s a great snack on its own or used as a dipper.

Grated; while perfect in salads, grated kohlrabi is a great substitute for bean sprouts or just as an add on in soups for a little bit of extra crunch.

Baked; if you want something a bit lighter than potato but don’t want the flavour and sweetness of sweet potato or pumpkin, kohlrabi wedges or fries are a perfect choice 👌🏻

Stewed; whether you cut it into cubes or choose to grate it, adding kohlrabi into stews and wilted greens is ideal for holding texture in your dishes as well as sucking up all of those delicious flavours.

Finally, and this is one I saw on the beautiful @emthenutritionist stories (follow this stunner for some out of this world delights hidden in her stories, as well as great nutrition and health tips that actually make sense); pickled kohlrabi! I tried this yesterday after I saw it on her stories and OMG new pickling favourite….watch this space I’m so learning how to do it!

So next time you are at the fresh produce aisle and see this scary looking veggie, don’t be afraid, give it a whirl! Enjoy friends!