You Know What’s One Of The Easiest But Most Delicious Meal

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You know what’s one of the easiest but most delicious meals on this planet? Pitas. And there’s still a way to make them just as delicious and when you weren’t vegan! I always use falafel whenever I make mine, as it packs a bunch of nutrients but is also super tasty. I started by heating up the pita in the oven for about 1-2 minutes to get it nice and soft. Then, I gave it a good layer of hummus (you can never go wrong with it). I paired the hummus and falafel with some fresh greens from our local greenhouse (butter lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers). Then, topped it off with some fresh parsley and our Homemade Dill Mayo (You can find the recipe on our Story Highlights). I highly recommend trying this out and it’s a filling but delicious lunch! Just always check the ingredients on the pitas you buy to make sure there’s no egg in them 🙂