You Don’t Need To Use Whole Tigernuts As Tigernut Milk Can

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You don’t need to use whole tigernuts as tigernut milk can be made from just two ingredients – Tigernut Flour and water.⁠

Tigernuts are high in vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamins C and E, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids such as arginine and glutamic acid as well as monosaturated fats and some protein.⁠


1 and ½ cups Power Super Foods Tigernut Flour⁠
1 litre fresh filtered water⁠

Flour and water can be adjusted at the same ratio for less or more milk volume.⁠

Optional: pinch of cinnamon to spice things up, vanilla or Cacao Powder (if you want to make chocolate milk – no sweetener necessary!)⁠


1. Pulse flour in food processor to remove any lumps. Add water and blend for up to one minute.⁠

2. Allow to rest for 15-20 minutes to allow flour to absorb into the water⁠

3. Blend again for one minute.⁠

4. Strain through fine mesh nut milk bag or lined sieve into a sterilised glass container. (as our flour is milled very fine you will need to use something with very small holes).⁠

5. Refrigerate and use within 3 days. (or freeze in batches)⁠

Remaining pulp can be frozen into ice cube trays or spread onto a tray in a low oven (or dehydrator) for a few hours until dry but not brown. Then place in a food processor to remove lumps. The dehydrated pulp can be used in pancakes, cake and muffin batters and smoothies.

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