Yogurt And Mint Chuttni

yogurt and mint chuttni display image  ab62fc06
yogurt and mint chuttni display image ab62fc06

Yogurt and Mint Chuttni
Mint Leaves 30
Yogurt 3 tablespoons
Pink Salt
1. Wash then roughly crush your mint leaves. I like mind to be still quite big so I use a pestle and mortar to crush and get flavour out rather than a blender. But if you don’t like it chunky you can blend it too. I always use fresh but if your in a rush you can use mint sauce but the taste is not the same.
2. Put the mint to a bowl and a pinch of pink salt and mix.
3. Then use a thick yogurt like green or strained yogurt if you have it but whatever type would work just fine (use a dairy free option to make it vegan) and add to the bowl with the mint and mix mix mix until everything is blended.
4. Pot into your favourite serving or dipping dish end enjoy with anything and everything. I love this with bhajia, chips, courgette fries and in wraps and pittas.
5. When taking it out of the bowl into your serving dish use a spatula as it quite thick and won’t all pour out you don’t want to waste any.

This chuttni adds a lovely cooling effect to any dish.

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