Yes Natural ☘️, An One Stop Solution To Your Vegetarian

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Yes Natural ☘️, an one stop solution to your vegetarian diet and healthier lifestyle with their Bakery, Restaurant & Retail concept.

Using only natural and fresh ingredients, their food contains no MSG, and it’s less oily. They use healthier alternatives such as sea salt, organic brown sugar and brown rice in their dishes.

Here’s what we had; 🍽️

🍜 Fresh Veggie Noodles in Almond Sauce (Vegan) 👍; Handmade noodles with Homemade almond sauce made from 100% slow baked premium almonds (USA). Very Refreshing! 😋

🍆4 Heavenly King with Sambal 👍; One of their popular dishes, it consists of Brinjal, Okra, French bean and Petai stir fried with their homemade sambal chilli. The Sambal chilli is so good that I couldn’t figure how it’s vegetarian. 😋

🥘Vegetarian Curry in Stone pot 👍; Signature dish that’s an all-time fav among their customers. It contains the right amount of spice that enhances the sweetness of the vegetables. 😋 Perfect dish to go with rice.

🍏Fruits Rojak (Vegan); Refreshing starter dish, whereby the nutritious non-spicy Rojak sauce is made from almonds, seaweed, lemon juice, black sesame & oats.

🍄 Monkey Head Mushroom with Dried Chilli (Vegan); They uses only the Premium grade monkey head mushroom for the best taste and texture, together with their very own concoction of the gong bao sauce using their homemade specialty sambal chilli.

🍅 Roselle Tomato (Vegan);
Peeled cherry tomatoes infused in roselle and sour plum.

🍥 Sushi Roll Salad; Grain-free version of sushi roll, made from fresh vegetables like beetroot, turnip, cucumber and pea sprout.

🍜Black Bean Sauce Hor Fun (Vegan)👍; This is a dish that not many know of as it is not on their main menu. The combination of their Homemade black bean XO sauce and chef’s right balance of wok hei is the reason why I give this dish a thumbs-up 😋.

Not to be missed is their 🍞 Bakery, that produces quality bread that’s 100% eggless with no preservatives.

You can also get your groceries, organic vegetables and vegan/vegetarian-friendly products on their retail shop!

@yesnaturalsingapore 3-in-1 concept is located at 📍51 Lorong 27 Geylang Singapore 388181.