Y’all Aren’t Gonna Want To Miss What’s On Today’s Me

yall arent gonna want to miss whats on todays me multip img dfe
yall arent gonna want to miss whats on todays me multip img dfe

Y’all aren’t gonna want to miss what’s on today’s menu @thecommonmarketoakwold ?

✅slow rise frosted cinnamon rolls or slow rise spiced caramel rolls (caramel magic as always by @heyjessieraye )

✅ a variety of cake donuts- funfetti, GF chocolate chip, blueberry lemon (in both GF and standard V)


? ? savory special is killer, too. Come by or call in to order “The Banh Mi”

? Lemongrass Seitan, Vegan Sriracha Aioli, Carrot, Daikon, Cabbage, Cilantro on a Toasted Hoagie.


My favorite recipe to work with is the slow rise yeast dough. I first started learning to work with yeast doughs 10-11 years ago. It was the kind of challenge that had so many variables- from temperature of the ingredients/kitchen to the timing and more. It’s a legitimate relationship- between the baker and the dough. A lot of intention and energy goes into what we make. It’s satisfying to know 100% that everyone who works to make what y’all eat has GOOD intentions and energy while creating. That is ?

?? Remember that the folks working at places you stop by are HUMAN. We’ve had a few situations recently regarding verbal sexual harassment from customers and “casual” disrespect where customers can project their classism or life frustrations into staff. Honestly, it’s dehumanizing, often, to work in this industry and be seen as people who can be yelled at or given attitudes over the smallest things. Please remember to be kind and respectful to ALL people. ????

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