World’s Yummiest Pasta Salad ?

worlds yummiest pasta salad display image  68b8731b
worlds yummiest pasta salad display image 68b8731b

World’s Yummiest Pasta Salad ?

4 eggs
6 slices of Ham
1 bottle of ranch
Shredded Cheese
Curly Pasta

•Boil the pasta
•Boil eggs
•Cut Ham into small slices
•Once pasta is soft throw out water, get ranch bottle and pour the whole bottle into the pan, add the ham slices, and boiled eggs once peeled, sprinkle the shredded cheese all over on top and mix.

VOÍLA, pasta is ready to eat ✨

Making lunch, looking like we are about to go on a dinosaur egg hunt ?? today I decided to try my cousin’s @luismichellelarios special! It came out soooo delicious, pictures do no justice for the taste but if only you could tap and have it placed right in front of you right!

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