Whole Wheat Bagel With Miyokos Vegan Cream Cheese (BEST Vega

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Whole wheat bagel with Miyokos vegan cream cheese (BEST vegan cheese brand!) and ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning!! Yum! To make it even better- diced peaches and fresh blueberries on the side🍑Such an easy post night shift meal!

✨Quick, but VERY important note: I usually try to stay away from vegan cheeses and meats because they are so processed. A vegan diet is not the same as a healthy diet, never forget that. However, Miyoko’s Creamery is revolutionizing vegan cream products. Most vegan products are made of weird, fake ingredients that have no nutritional value. Miyoko Schinner, AKA the queen of vegan cheese, makes her products from REAL food! For example, the vegan cream cheese in this picture has organic cashews, filtered water, organic coconut cream, sea salt and cultures. THAT IS ALL!! I can pronounce and recognize all FIVE of those ingredients. Miyoko is also a very fascinating woman. Her message is inspiring, look her up and you too will become obsessed with @miyokoscreamery ❕❕

As always, thank you for your support and reading my posts! Love you all💟

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