Who Makes Their Own Nut Milk We Made A Quick Batch This Morn

Who makes their own nut milk? We made a quick batch this morning using our @goldricknaturalliving nut milk bag and love how easy it is to make without having to think about recycling the Tetra Pak nut milks typically come in. ⁠

We’ll be posting recipes showcasing what tasty edible creations we make with our left over almond pulp but for now, here is our tried and tested recipe.⁠



〰️ 150g almonds ⁠
〰️ 1L filtered water⁠
〰️ Pinch of salt⁠


1. Soak almonds overnight or if you’re in a rush, using the quick soak method.⁠

2. Discard water and add almonds to a high speed blender with filtered water and salt. Note: you may need to do this in batches depending on the capacity of your blender.⁠

3. Blend on high speed until creamy and smooth.⁠

4. Empty the contents into your nut milk bag over a large bowl and gently squeeze the liquid until you’ve separated it all from the pulp.⁠

5. Transfer and store in a clean glass jar for up to 5 days.⁠

If you’re unsure how you can use your left over pulp, watch this space. You won’t be disappointed. ⁠

Enjoy! 🖤⁠


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