Who Doesn’t Enjoy A Good Catfish Dinner! If You’re From

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Who doesn’t Enjoy a Good Catfish Dinner!? If you’re from down south then you know that it’s a staple in big family meals. This Vegan spin on things will take you all the way back to grandmas house on Sunday ! ! 😋👵🏽🏡☀️🍴

2-4 cans Banana Blossoms in Brine (Drained)
Roasted Seaweed (Crushed by hand)
Vegan Ranch
Yellow Corn Meal
Louisiana Fish Fry
Old Bay Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

*No measurements are used in this recipe, please follow the voice of your Ancestors. Asè* 🤲🏽😉✨

Method :
1. Place Drained and rinsed banana blossoms in large bowl
2. In another large bowl mix Corn meal , fish fry , Old bay , garlic , onion powder & pepper.
3. Crush up your roasted seaweed and sprinkle on top of banana blossoms
4. Pour a small amount of vegan ranch dressing onto blossoms and toss to coat
5. Place blossoms into cornmeal mixture and toss until fully coated . Set aside.
6. Heat oil of your choice in a large skillet and once hot place coated blossom pieces in oil and cook until Golden .

Serve immediately with your choice of traditional southern sides & don’t forget to add an ice cold glass of sweet tea!

ENJOY! 🐟🌱✨

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