White Bitter Gourd Soup With Omnimeat

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White Bitter Gourd Soup with Omnimeat

Finally gets to try out the famous plant based meat product – Omnimeat. This is a very surprising plant based meat experience. The texture is tender and juicy. Despite it does not have the “meat & oily” taste, the texture is almost 90% close to the real meat. As this is the first time I try it on, I do not put anything extra into the omnimeatball I made, simple just seasoned with white pepper powder and little bit of soy sauce.

White bitter gourd
Fresh shitake mushroom
Shimeiji mushroom
Goji Berry
Garlic minced
Tochi ( fermented black bean) , can skip out if dont have, simply replace the taste by using soy sauce.
Ginger sliced
Rice wine

Chopped the scallion, separated the white part and green part. Heat up the pot with drizzle of oil, add in ginger and scallion ( white part), garlic, sautéed until fragrance. Next add in the shitake mushroom. Once you smell the aroma of mushroom, is time to put in bitter gourd, add water and tochi. Put on the lid, turn to medium to low heat, let it simmer. When the bitter gourd turn soft, add in the omnimeat ball and shimeiji mushroom. Once it is cooked, add in rice wine,goji berry and green scallion. You may start to adjust the taste by now, the saltiness that comes from tochi is quite enough for the dish, so I have not add in any salt or soy sauce, i put in a bit of sugar to balance up the flavour instead, you may adjust according to your taste bud.

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