When I Was Younger, I Used To Dislike Chickpeas. I Couldn’

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When I was younger, I used to dislike chickpeas. I couldn’t eat them unless the dish was complex and had many ingredients involved. But they are an amazing plant base protein source and I slowly learned to enjoy them as I grew older.

Today, I’m sharing with you a vegan meal using a variety of veggies and you guessed it, Chick peas! I was soo happy when I tasted this. It is really simple in terms of flavour but it’s extremely satisfying, delicious and healthy.

Here is the recipe

Ingredients :
– red onion
– garlic
– leek
– Olive oil
– chickpeas
– Sweet potato
– eggplant
– zucchini
– green beans
– broccoli
– mushrooms
– spinach
– Paprika
– black pepper
– oregano
– salt

Cook the onion, garlic, leek , chick peas & spices to the pan with some olive oil, gradually add the other ingredients with the order they have been listed. Do not add any additional water. These veggies will release water that will help them cook. When all the water evaporates and the veggies are tender, it is ready !

Enjoy !

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