Weekend!?‍♀️Pancake Time!?

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weekendpancake time multip img 0 ef45273b

Weekend!?‍♀️Pancake time!?
For days, it’s been rainy? and stormy? in Korea (typhoon Lingling). So what better excuse to have pancakes for breakfast, for lunch and dinner?! ???????
And thanks to Korea’s diversity of traditional pancakes, it never gets boring! Take these beautifully green? veggie-friendly? pancakes for example:

Buchu jeon 부추전

They owe name and color to the typical Korean vegetable “buchu”, garlic chives in English. (Scientific name: Allium tuberosum) ? They roughly resemble chives, but their long leaves are flat (not round and hollow) and smell a little bit like garlic.

Buchu pancakes are a common dish, available in pancake restaurants, Korean-style pubs or simply made at home. ?
Each location and family has their own recipe for these pancakes, so you will see and taste many differences! While some add only a handful of garlic chives into the batter, others add so much that the entire pancake is green.? Some fry the pancakes in a lot of oil to get crispier results. In yet other cases, a thin and softer pancake is preferred. There may also be more vegetables (e.g. onions, chilis? or carrots?) added for taste and garnish.

What they do have in common, however, is that the garlic chives are the main flavor giving ingredient. Apart from that they are vegetarian by default – meats or seafood are normally not included in the basic recipe. The batter often contains egg?, but there are locations that do not use egg or are willing to customize the pancakes batter.

Like all Korean pancakes, these are served with a savoury dip based on soy sauce. But similar to the pancake recipe, the ingredients of the sauce vary as well – sometimes vinegar or spices such as onions, sesame, chili flakes or extra chives are added.
For more info on veggie-friendly food in Korea, check out www.sesame-sprinkles.com ? link on profile! ?

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