We Have All Had Days When A Favourite Comfort Food Helps Che

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We have all had days when a favourite comfort food helps cheer us up. I find anything with melty cheese comforting, and one of my favourites is cauliflower cheese. Not only is it deliciously scrummy , it is also easy to prepare, easy on the purse and so, so comforting!
This weekend I’m taking part in the #MoodFoodChallenge comfort food theme with a group of lovely foodies (all tagged, please check out their posts). The idea is to make something that will help cheer you up , without too much fuss, which can be prepared easily or is budget friendly, a one pot dish to save on washing up, or something from frozen or store cupboard ingredients etc. I already had cauliflower, cheese, milk , butter and flour so it didn’t take me long to prepare the dish.
With more and more folk needing support in this present situation ,the services of mental health charities have never been more important. As part of the challenge , I’ve made a donation to @mind who provide amazing supportive services.