@vorvrestaurant Sheffield ?

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@vorvrestaurant Sheffield ?

This place is special. Hands down some of the best food I’ve had anywhere, and also the most ingredients I’ve never heard of on a menu.

I haven’t posted on here for a while and likely won’t be sharing as regularly going forward, as I’m putting my energy into other areas of my life and less into social media. That said, I will occasionally be sharing things that I’m compelled to because I feel that they’re either important, or just fucking great like this place.

Having never tried a good few of the flavour combinations and some of the ingredients from my selection on the menu, it was an absolute experience and I’ve definitely found some new favourites. The Korean Celeriac and Japanese Apple bread blew me away and I’ll 100% be back. I love vegan junk food as much as the next person, but organic, locally sourced and carefully selected produce, coupled with super creative chefs, wins by a mile. Thank you @vorvrestaurant – you’re killing it.

@gfv.uk ??

1. Za’atar flatbreads, fava dip, grilled Turkish pepper and herb infused oil

2. Tempura hen of the woods, togarashi, shisho and Ponzu mayonnaise

3. Korean fried celeriac, seaweed secret spice and cucumber kimchi sauce
4. Kohlrabi Goan curry, sea veg, oyster leaf and mustard tadka
5.Aubergine and beetroot Adana, pickles, chilli sauce, date yoghurt and herb salad
6. Fried Marie Bard potatoes, peanut sauce and garlic mayo

7. Steamed Japanese Apple bread, miso caramel, amazake rum and raisin cream

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