✨Veggie Stir Fry With @bragglivefoodproducts Liquid Aminos

✨Veggie Stir Fry with @bragglivefoodproducts Liquid Aminos✨⁣

I loveeee a good stir fry more than anything, so I decided to make my own vegan and gluten free version using @bragglivefoodproducts Liquid Aminos. I love substituting liquid aminos because they are an awesome gluten free substitute for soy sauce, and @bragglivefoodproducts Liquid Aminos is also certified Non GMO! Here’s how I made this yummy meal😋⁣

🥕🥦Veggie Stir Fry🥦🥕⁣


For tofu⁣
1 block tofu⁣
3 tbsp cornstarch⁣
1 tsp garlic powder⁣
1 tsp salt⁣
1/2 tsp pepper⁣

For stir fry⁣
1 red bell pepper⁣
1 yellow pepper⁣
1 cup grated carrots⁣
1 cup asparagus⁣
1 cup broccoli⁣
1 cup mushrooms⁣
1/2 chopped yellow onion⁣
1/2 cup chopped spring onion⁣

For sauce⁣
1/4 cup @bragglivefoodproducts Liquid Aminos⁣
3 tbsp maple syrup⁣
1 tbsp Bragg Extra Virgin Olive Oil⁣
1 tbsp Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar⁣
3 cloves minced garlic⁣
1 tbsp grated ginger⁣
1-1/2 tbsp cornstarch⁣


Start by draining the extra water from the tofu and chopping it into cubes. Then mix the cornstarch, garlic powder, salt and pepper into a bowl and coat each piece of tofu in the mixture. Add all of the tofu to a pan with some olive oil and cook it until all of the pieces are crispy. Set the tofu aside.⁣

Combine the liquid aminos, maple, olive oil, ACV, garlic, ginger, and corn starch. You can combine it to a bowl, or blend it in a food processor to make it even easier. ⁣

To a pan, add in all of the veggies, along with the sauce. Cook until the veggies have softened up a bit. Then turn off the heat and add in the tofu. Pair with rice (or noodles) and enjoy🥰

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