Vegetarian Manchurian Noodles

vegetarian manchurian noodles display image  d9740dd3
vegetarian manchurian noodles display image d9740dd3

Vegetarian manchurian noodles
Ingredients – 3 cloves garlic – 1 red onion – 2 green onions – 6-8 Mushrooms – 2 sliced carrots
– 3 tbsp oil
– 2 tbsp of soy sauce – Spoon of salt – Spoon of black pepper – Sweet chilli garlic sauce – Spoon of turmeric – 2 tbsps of ketchup
– Chow mein noodles – Cilantro to garnish
1. Chop all ingredients, add red onion, garlic & half of the green onions to a skillet of hot oil on medium-high heat

2. After 2 minutes, add carrots & mushrooms, keep stirring so they do not burn
3. In a separate pot boil water, add a pinch of salt & oil, once water is boiling add noodles & cook for 3-4mins max, then strain in cold water

4. Add 2 tbsps of soy sauce, a spoon of salt, pepper, 2 tbsps of sweet chilli garlic sauce, 2 tbsps of ketchup & a spoon of turmeric
5. Let sauce simmer for a min then add in noodles & stir well and garnish with cilantro & remaining green onion
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