Vegetable Manchurian Balls

vegetable manchurian balls display image  8be9badc
vegetable manchurian balls display image 8be9badc

Vegetable Manchurian Balls
The soft melt in the mouth, mixed vegetable fritters coated with luscious lipsmacking sauce is just the feeling you will want right now.. 

For The Vegetable Manchurian Balls
3 cups finely chopped cabbage
1 1/4 cups grated carrot
1/2 cup chopped onion 
1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup green onion, mostly the white part
8 tbsp white flour
3 tbsp cornflour
1tsp black pepper
Salt to taste
Oil for deep-frying

Combine all the vegetables, salt and pepper.
Let sit for 10 minutes
Add flour and toss to combine
(Please do not knead as that will help form the gluten and the veggie balls will be hard)
Last add the corn flour.
lightly toss it till coated and form 18-20 balls
Air fry the balls till deep brown but not burnt and keep aside

For The Gravy
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp garlic, finely chopped
2 tsp finely chopped green chillies
2 tsp finely chopped ginger
3 tbsp chopped spring onions whites
?1.5 cups of water
?1- 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
?1 tablespoon tomato ketchup
?2 to 3 teaspoons red chilli sauce or siracha sauce
?1 teaspoon rice vinegar
?2 tbsp hoisin sauce or sweet soy sauce
Salt to taste
1teaspoon sugar to taste or add as required
1 1/2 tbsp cornflour mixed with 2 tbsp of water

For Garnish
finely chopped spring onion greens

Combine all the items marked with?in a bowl and keep aside

Mix the cornflour and 2 tbsp water and keep aside (this is called slurry)

Heat oil in a skillet
Add garlic, ginger and scallions
Saute for few seconds till aromatic. Do not brown them

Add the sauce mixture
Bring it to a boil
Lower the heat

Add the fried vegetable balls
Bring it to a simmer

Add the slurry
Keep stirring till thickened and glossy
Transfer to a serving dish and garnish


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