VEGAN VEGGIE DUMPLINGS By @vegandietplan08 ❤️

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VEGAN VEGGIE DUMPLINGS by @vegandietplan08 ❤️
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Let’s get to the recipe (approx 30 dumplings)
2 Cups – Cooked Shelled Soy Beans (Edamame)
1/4 Cup – White Onion
1/4 Cup – Spring Onion (green part)
2 Cloves – Garlic, Grated
1 inch – Ginger, Grated
1/2 Cup – Carrots, Very Finely Chopped
1/2 Cup – Celery, Very Finely Chopped
2 Cup – Mushrooms, Very Finely Chopped (approx 5-6 large mushrooms)
1 Teaspoon – Salt
1 Tbsp – Sesame Oil
2 Cups – All Purpose (white) Flour
3/4 Cup – Hot Water
Pinch of Salt
Optional : Buy Dumpling Wrappers
1.Lets make the filling. Simply prepare all the filling ingredients.
2.Place the cooked Edamame into a blender and blend until it forms a rough paste.
3.Place all the ingredients into a muslin / cheesecloth and squeeze all the excess water out.
4.Mix all the filling ingredients together and then place into the fridge whilst you make your wrappers.
5.For the dough – simply mix the ingredients together to form a dough.
6.Allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes and then knead again until it feels firm.
7.Divide the dough into approx 30 pieces and then roll into flat circular shapes (they dont need to be perfect). Use flour to ensure they dont stick.
8.Fill your wrappers with approx 1 tablespoon of filling and seal using a dumpling maker or by hand. Make sure the dumplings are sealed tightly.
9.Steam until cooked (or pan fry)
10. Enjoy 😋🥟😋

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