Vegan Vegetable Lasagna🍝

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Vegan vegetable lasagna🍝
I adore this lasagna filled with peas, spinach, carrots and whatever other vegetables you’d like to put in it. This lasagna will satisfy everyone, vegan or not!
▪️1 onion 🧅
▪️4 pieces tomatoes 🍅
▪️450g frozen spinach (you can use fresh ones as well)
▪️150g tomato purée
▪️270g peas
▪️2 grated carrots 🥕
▪️1 tsp basil🌿
▪️1 tsp oregano
▪️salt, pepper to taste
▪️1 package durum lasagna noodles
▪️2 tbsp coconut oil, 4dl plant milk, 3 tbsp flour – for the bechamel sauce
•Heat up the pan with 3 tbsp coconut oil
•Sauté the onion then add the tomatoes, spinach, carrots and peas
•Add the purée to the vegetables and cook it for a while in low heat.
•Turn down the heat and allow to simmer for a few minutes and then add sea salt and black pepper to taste.
Bechamel sauce:
•Heat up the coconut oil in a pan and add the flour.
•Pour the milk into it and stir it well.
•Spices to taste.
Put the lasagna together as you can see it on the video, swipe👉🏻
Easy and low budget😋.
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