Vegan Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal ♥️ 🍓🍓♥️ (reci

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Vegan Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal ♥️ 🍓🍓♥️ (recipe is on my story)!

This recipe can be used with any fruit of your choice!

Let’s talks about steel cut oats real quick!

♥️ Steel Cut Oats are groats of whole oats which have been chopped into two or three pinhead-sized pieces. The pieces can then be sold, or processed further to make rolled oat flakes, of smaller size than flakes of whole groats.

♥️ Steel Cut Oats are the healthiest grain to eat because they’re minimally processed and they contain more fiber and density than their counterparts.

♥️ The soluble fiber found in steel cut oats dissolves in water, forming a gel-like substance that may lowers your cholesterol levels and stabilizes blood glucose.

♥️ Steel cut and rolled oats are different when it comes to taste and texture. Rolled oats readily absorb liquid, holding their shape while becoming pliable and slightly mushy. In contrast, steel cut oats absorb less liquid during their cooking time, leaving them with a firmer texture and a slightly nutty taste.

♥️ When buying steel cut oats (or any oats for that matter) always get traditional vs quick cooking oats. Quick oats is the most processed out of all the oats! Quick cooking oats are pre-cooked and then dried to give them a faster cooking time!

I hope someone find this helpful!

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