Vegan Spicy Wonder Burger 🍔

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Vegan Spicy Wonder Burger 🍔

Please ignore the crack in the bun🤫 It’s all about this delicious burger patty. Honestly theee best. I might be a little biased tho because I haven’t tried any other brands. I thought this was a pretty darn good burger! By adding jalapeños and ajvar I got my spicy flavour. You’ll find the recipe and some information on the patty below. 🤩
– Wonder Burger patty (@aldisuedde)
– 2 tsp coconut oil (for cooking)
– lettuce, tomato, mushroom, jalapeño
– 2 tbsp of ajvar
– gluten-free burger buns (I used @schaerglutenfree hamburger)

1. Put coconut oil into a frying pan and turn to high. Add the burger patty and cook three minutes on each side until crispy. Turn the heat to medium.
2. Meanwhile, cut the burger buns in half and toast them. Also slice your veggies.
3. Assemble your burger! Spread ajvar on both halves of the bun and place lettuce on top. Add the patty, the mushroom, tomato and jalapeño slices (my own preferred order). Top with the other half of the bun.

➡️ Suggestion: Side with potato wedges or a salad.

😋 Taste: 5/5
💶 Price: 4/5
🗒 Ingredients: 4/5

Very great taste and texture. With 2,49€ in a good price range. Soy-based and gluten-free! Ingredients include soy protein, coconut oil and corn starch. The beetroot extract gives the burger its colour. 😱
I don’t buy these processed vegan meat alternatives often as they aren’t very environmentally friendly. Instead, I focus on eating mostly unprocessed foods and every now and then I try a meat alternative. 🌱
Have you tried @aldisuedde Wonder Burger yet? Let me know in the comments down below. ☺️