*Vegan “Meat” Loaf – Inspired By @avantgardevegan * Last

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*Vegan “Meat” Loaf – inspired by @avantgardevegan * last night I bumped into the new video Gaz posted on YouTube, and gosh he is amazing, I invite you all to follow him. With most of Europe into lockdown, I wanted to share a message here on Instagram, although you know I am not a person who posts a lot nor has a big audience. Many people will enjoy spending time cooking and sharing their results, others will teach their followers how to cook and what, making them buying new ingredients which will be used a few times for then expiring 3 years later in the cupboard. However, how many people are actually concerned about food waste, packaging, environmental issues such climate change and/or animals’ rights? Almost none of the people I follow tried to challenge them-self trying to replicate a vegan alternative recipe. This should be a concern guys, and we should act now. Unfortunately, I’m still in the process on changing my diet to a plant based one, which is currently sitting at about 80% vegan, 15% vegetarian and 5% animal based. This delicious recipe was realised with most of the leftover veggies I had in the fridge, took me 15 minutes to prepare it plus the cooking time and the flavour? Does not taste like meat, that is trues, it actually tastes better. Change your diet and #savetheplanet #vegan #diet #food #foodporn #environment #climatechange #cooking #homemade #crueltyfree #veganrecipes #healthy #uk #scotland #positivevibes