Vegan Grains And Veggies Bowl πŸ’š Swipe For The Ingredients

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Vegan grains and veggies bowl πŸ’š Swipe for the ingredients! ➑️

I never refrain myself from enjoying all the fun food that come as a part of the festive season neither does my inner circle of loved ones. It’s how we express the love for each other and how we enjoy with each other. But just as it is important to nourish our body with healthy food, it is important to nourish our soul with good holiday food. Hence, before the next leg of festivities start again, I am gonna go back to my healthy routine.
Last year, I took aside a lot of time and experimented with different diets and workout routines to understand my body. It’s funny how it took me almost 25 years to do this. We always prioritize so many other things over ourselves. It’s a pity. But, better late than never right?
I switched to a diet where instead of straightaway cutting down on other things I started adding/replacing healthy foods in my diet slowly and steadily understanding what my body liked and what it didn’t. It took a lot of time to understand how my metabolism was working and what helped me gain a good gut health. Nevertheless, now I am at a point where I know what would affect my body and how. It feels so liberated and complete now I can’t put it in words. Hence, I do indulge once in a while when I feel like but after that I go back and take care of health like I need to.

Hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving and are gearing up for Christmas and New Year with full throttle. ✨

Try this delish, nourishing, power packed bowl and start off your week with healthy happy spirits and lots of vigor! πŸ€—πŸ’š

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