⁣vegan Fetuccine Alfredo ?⠀

vegan fetuccine alfredo display image  f2b23b6a
vegan fetuccine alfredo display image f2b23b6a

⁣vegan fetuccine alfredo ?⠀

fetuccine, miso, mushrooms, asparagus, unsweetened almond milk, red chili flakes, fresh basil, dried basil powder, garlic, onion, hummus, pepper, corn starch, nutritional yeast⠀

boil fettuccine? & set aside. cut off ends & blanch asparagus. mince garlic & onion and cook in hot oil w/ red chili flakes?. add fresh basil leaves once onions are brown. add chopped mushrooms? & season w/ miso, pepper & basil powder. cut blanched asparagus into bite size pieces & add to pan. after veggies are cooked, add almond milk? to the height of the veggies in the pan. mushrooms should be submerged. add two tbsp of hummus and 2 tsp of corn? starch at a time. mix until sauce becomes thick. the corn? starch takes a while to make the sauce thick, so mix a lot before you decide to add another round. if it’s not at your desired consistency, repeat those measurements. add nutritional yeast for a cheesy ? flavor. mix in fettucine to sauce & enjoy! ⠀

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