Vegan Chocolate Cakes: Stating The Replacements

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Vegan Chocolate cakes: stating the replacements
I started baking during the lockdown, I am most definitely sure that a lot of people bake more asthetic looking cakes than mine, but I baked these for birthdays of my family members, and experimented tastes while baking for myself and
taste wise they turned out great
are extremely healthy,
as I replaced a lot of incredients by just understanding the chemistry behind how the ingredients play a role in cake baking.

1. Instead of flour, whole wheat flour can be used but I tried going using – oats instead.
Oats does make the cake slightly dense hence,
Gluten free flour can be used which is easily available on @amazon
I personally didn’t mind using oats as it’s extremely healthy

2. Instead of butter – I used olive oil, any oil at home can also be used and it’s used in smaller quantities

3. Butter and sugar were also partly replaced – by using banana, it can give a banana flavour if too much is used, (I personally like the taste of banana bread or in cakes, but if one doesn’t)

I also used melted jaggery instead of sugar, now that tastes exactly the same, as sugar is unrefined jaggery (that’s the process how sugar is made)

I went off processed sugar as well, hence used jaggery, but for someone who is vegan they can obviously just use sugar 🙂

Baking time takes exactly the same time.

I hope you’ll liked it.