Vegan Choco-biscoff Mousse

vegan choco biscoff mousse display image  1806639a
vegan choco biscoff mousse display image 1806639a

Vegan choco-biscoff mousse

Who loves mousse??‍♀️Who wants to make delicious #vegan mousse using 3 ingredients??‍♂️

This recipe uses aquafaba -this is the liquid found in tinned chickpea cans which works as a great egg replacement.
As I’ve never used aquafaba before I did a little bit of research so sorry if the next bit is a bit long but these tips and tricks will ensure you get delicious airy mousse.
-You can’t over whip aquafaba so if your unsure just keep whipping!
-An acidic stabiliser should be added to aquafaba for it to work well. This can be cream of tartar/vinegar/lemon juice. I used a table spoon of lemon juice as it’s what I had on hand.
-Make sure any flavouring you are adding (eg melted chocolate) is at room temperature before adding to the whipped aquafaba. Too hot or too cold and it will deflate.
-There were various time frames on how long the mousse takes to set from 1hour to overnight. I had a test bowl that I checked at various intervals. At 3 hours the mousse had definitely not set. At 12 hours it had just about set and at 24 hours it was good to go.

-1 can of chickpeas (200ml aquafaba)
-1tbsp of lemon
-100g dark chocolate of your choice
-2 heaped tbsp lotus biscoff butter

1️⃣Break up the chocolate and add alongside the biscoff butter to a glass bowl. Using the double boiler method melt the ingredients.

2️⃣Drain the chickpeas water in another bowl and mix in the lemon. Using an electric whisk whip the aquafaba until stiff peaks are formed and if you turn the bowl the whipped aquafaba does not move.(this took me around 20minutes)

3️⃣Once the chocolate has cooled add to the whipped aquafaba and using a spatula and fold together.

4️⃣Pour the mixture into bowl/glass of your choice and let set in the fridge for 12-24 hours.


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