Vegan Cashew Chia Pudding

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Vegan cashew chia pudding

Vegan Oil free Gluten free Sugar free
It’s so creamy, rich, delicious and decadent! What makes it different from the regular chia pudding? Well the cashews (obviously) and the fact that it’s blended which makes it more creamy.
Hope you will try and like this!

Portions: 2

-1/2cup of water or plant milk (125g)
-100g of tofu
-1/3cup& 1tbsp of cashews (60g); soak them overnight or in boiled water for 1hour
-2tbsp of agave or maple syrup (30g)
-3tsp of chia seeds (15g)
-3/4tsp of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (5g)
-pinch of cinnamon
For toppings:
-150g of blackberries or any berries you prefer; I use frozen berries that I heat up in a pot and smash (without adding water)
-1/2cup of soy or any kind of vegan yogurt (125g)
-some cashews and hemp seeds
-dust of cinnamon

1. Put in the blender all the ingredients and blend until creamy consistency. Let it rest in the blender for at least 5mins. to thick up
2. Add 1 layer of pudding in two jars or water glasses; then add one of stewed berries; another one of pudding; add the yogurt and finish everything with the remained berries, some hemp seeds and cashews as well as a dust of cinnamon
4. Serve& Enjoy!

Much love,