Vegan Aperitivo – Tapas. I Finally Finished The Tapas.? T

vegan aperitivo tapas i finally finished the tapas t multip img dc
vegan aperitivo tapas i finally finished the tapas t multip img dc

Vegan Aperitivo – Tapas. I finally finished the tapas.? There are three types of tapas all on the base of farinata:

1: Miso cashew butter, roasted eggplant, and radish.
2: Beetroot pate, grilled pumpkin, gremolata
3: Salsa verde and pickled vegetables

I am a big fan of the beetroot pate with grilled pumpkin. I love beets and pumpkin. The salsa verde and pickled vegetables is also very tasty and is the most beautiful tapas. I can’t eat eggplant so I replaced the eggplant with pumpkin and it made a good substitute. I plan on giving the eggplant to my neighbors. I just love the miso cashew butter. I made extra miso cashew butter so I can eat it with crackers or put it on a sandwich.

This dish was fun to make and required a lot of steps and ingredients. I would probably make one of the types of tapas at a time in the future. All of them at once was hard. I really liked the farinata even though it didn’t come out exactly right. I learned a lot.

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Image description: Photo 1: white background white plate with yellow crackers, brown eggplant, yellow pumpkin and pickled veggies. Pink bowl with tan potato peels. Photo 2: white plate with tan cracker, pink radish and brown eggplant. Photo 3: White plate with yellow cracker, fuscia beet spread, yellow pumpkin and green gremolata. Photo 4: white plate with tan cracker, orange carrot, white cauliflower and pink radish.

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