✨ Vegan Almond Croissant ?⁣

vegan almond croissant display image  925e95fc
vegan almond croissant display image 925e95fc

✨ Vegan Almond Croissant ?⁣

• @jus_rol Croissant or Ready Made Puff Pastry ⁣
• 50g Dairy Free Butter⁣
• 80g Icing Sugar⁣
• 100g Ground Almond ⁣
• Flaked Almonds⁣
• 1tsp Vanilla Extract⁣
• 1-2tsp Almond Extract⁣

•Combine butter and sugar together. Slowly whisk in the ground almonds and other ingredients until you form a smooth paste. ⁣
•If using croissant dough. Separate and move the 6 dough triangles onto a tray lined with baking paper. ⁣
•If using puff pastry. Cut the sheet into 3 equal rectangles and then cut each rectangle diagonally to create 6 long triangles. ⁣
•Using 1-2tsp of the Almond Mixture carefully cover one side of triangle leaving space around the edges. Be careful not to over fill or the ingredients may spill out whilst baking. ⁣
•Starting from the wider side of the triangle, start to roll toward the tip trying to centre it as much as possible. (Google may be your friend here if this is new to you) ⁣
•Turn over and place on tray. Lightly brush pastry with dairy free milk and sprinkle on flaked almonds. ⁣
•Bake for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Lightly dust with icing sugar to decorate. ⁣

And Enjoy ?

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