Veg. Galouti Kabab

veg galouti kabab display image  3e7f35dd
veg galouti kabab display image 3e7f35dd

Veg. Galouti kabab

It’s originally non vegetarian dish but can be made vegetarian and vegan also.
As we all know it’s a magic of ingredients and method.

Different types of soaked and cooked lentils creamy mixture with lots of different spices are used for making kabab .
It is very creamy ,soft and royal while eating ..according to story it was made for king who has weaker teeth.
so this has to be so soft that you don’t have to use your teeth .

It serves with rumali roti , Green chutney and onion rings .

Saffron , cardamom power, rose petals and many royal ingredients are responsible for the royal touch .

You can have it as a starter .

For vegan recipe you just have to use soy yogurt which is not main ingredient.

1veg.galouti kabab has 150 to 200 calories .
Totally depends on your ingredients and method.

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