V BBQ Sausage! 🌭

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V BBQ Sausage! 🌭

We are all aware of how gross original sausages are but still seem to eat them and then feed them silly to our kids… πŸ€” I mean it’s just the same as using a human intestine, what’s the difference..? The thought of any of that and anything BBQ related freaks me out these days.. so gross knowing that we consume animals insides like that.
I mean, no judgement..I used to eat soo much BBQ until I realised the corruption behind it, the way it suppresses us, the health risks, the animal carcasses, the dirty smell, the shit feeling it gives you.. the list could go on really!
Cheers to you if your still reading my rant.. did you know that you can now get animal free sausages! They are pretty good and have a very similar taste to the OG ones.. but without everything I stated above. The ingredients aren’t actually that bad, full of protein and vitamins. πŸ™ƒ

Still not something I like to eat often, but when I do it’s a tomato sauce, american mustard and caramelised onion vibe.. I added some shredded cabbage for that crunch!!
Happy plant based days 🌞