Triple Choc Coconut Cookies🥥🍫

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triple choc coconut cookies🥥🍫

these are INSANE! dense, soft, thick, chewy, vegan AND gluten free, no missing out for anyone👩🏽‍🍳🍪

my lockdown 3.0 aim was to learn the science behind baking, so that i can understand which components i need in order to freely and confidently create my own recipes 🙂 after a slight set back a few days ago (i made up an oat and raisin cookie recipe but they were super mediocre & a confidence knock), today these happened, i am so proud of myself because i made this recipe up🤠!!


⇨120g coconut oil (melted)
⇨50g coconut sugar
⇨200g dark brown sugar
⇨1tsp vanilla
⇨1/2tsp baking soda
⇨1/2tsp xanthan gum
⇨pinch of salt
⇨80g coconut flour
⇨100g plain gf flour
⇨100ml almond milk
⇨60g vegan dark chocolate
⇨60g vegan milk chocolate
⇨60g vegan white chocolate

for the method check out my story!!! & it will be saved in my highlights in ‘gf baking’🦕

i was originally going to use my vegan flora as the base, as we haven’t really got a neutral oil in our house like sunflower for example. but then i noticed the coconut oil that i used yesterday for waffles, & remembered i still had some coconut sugar & flour!! then my mind was SETTT!! it was such a lightbulb moment hahah, triple coconut! how could i not?? it may sound silly but it made me happy 🤠

i’m sure they’d work equally well if you swap the oil/sugars for alternatives. coconut flour is quite dry i find though so definitely recommend mixing it with another flour to get the coconut taste but not the dry texture🥥

these came together in such a sweet indulgent way!! i don’t like coconut when it’s used in a (for lack of better words) ✨tropical✨ way, but in recipes like this it is so divine! i used aldi’s new vegan choc range & they didn’t disappoint!! my family said they liked it too & couldn’t taste any difference yay🍫

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