Traditional Borscht Recipe⁣⁣⠀

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traditional borscht recipe display image 8a151dbe

Traditional Borscht Recipe⁣⁣⠀
I was born and raised in Ukraine. Growing up borscht was an essential part of my life. I had it at least a few times a month for lunch. It was mandatory to have some sort of soup for lunch. When you are a child and something is mandatory you learn to hate it, no matter how good it may taste.⁣⁣⠀
Years later I realized how delicious borscht actually is. And since I moved to Canada I finally decided to make my mom’s borscht.⁣⁣⠀
Tasted just like at home.⁣⁣⠀
Also, did you know that borsch is actually vegan? Just omit sour cream and add vegan plain thick yogurt for some creaminess.⁣⁣⠀
So here is the recipe:⁣⁣⠀
Half a head of a cabbage⁣⁣⠀
Couple of medium beets⁣⁣⠀
1 medium carrot⁣⁣⠀
2-3 medium red potatoes⁣⁣⠀
Half of white/yellow onion⁣⁣⠀
1 small can of tomato paste⁣⁣⠀
Garlic (a few cloves, minced)⁣⁣⠀
Bay leaf⁣⁣⠀
A few peppercorns⁣⁣⠀
White vinegar⁣⁣⠀
Optional (beef broth, beef chunks, sour cream, fresh parsley & dill)⁣⁣⠀
Prep your veggies:⁣⁣⠀
Using your mandolin slice the cabbage very thinly. Set aside.⁣⁣⠀
Peel beets and carrots. Grate them.⁣⁣⠀
Wash and chop your potatoes (medium chunks).⁣⁣⠀
Chop the onion.⁣⁣⠀
Heat up oil in a pan. Add garlic and chopped onion. Sautee for a few mins. Add grated carrot. Cover with lid and let simmer.⁣⁣⠀
Boil water in a big pot (alternatively you can use the beef broth or place raw chunks of beef and boil them to make a meaty broth*). Add cabbage. Cover with lid and let simmer.⁣⁣⠀
Add grated beets into pan with onions, garlic and carrots. Mix well. Add tomato paste and about 1 cup of water. Mix again. Add salt, pepper. To make borscht taste good this saucy-veggie mixture is a base. Add a bit of white vinegar and white sugar to achieve a pleasant sweet & sour taste. Once you achieved it let it simmer. I usually add a tsp of sugar and a tiny splash of white vinegar at a time, mix, try the mixture and go from there.⁣⁣⠀
⁣⁣Add your veggie mix into pot with cabbage and mix well. Finally add the potatoes. Mix again. Cover with lid and let it cook until potatoes are done. Add bay leaf, salt, pepper if needed.

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