tomato & basil soup display image  c1ec7d1f
tomato & basil soup display image c1ec7d1f


Canned tomatoes
5 Fresh chopped tomatoes
Sundried tomatoes (optional)
Coconut cream
Fresh basil
Mixed herbs
Salt & pepper
A chopped onion
Finely chopped carrots
Crispy onions & sesame seeds (garnish)
Dash of cayenne (optional)

Fry onion and garlic till golden brown in coconut oil
Add carrots and mixed herbs and stir until tender
Add tomatoes, honey and a cup of water and let it cook
Add coconut cream and blend it all up with a generous amount a fresh basil
Add back in pot and give it another boil
Garnish with fried onion and serve witha grilled cheese sandwich on the side

Seek for Perfection
God desires us to reach the standard of perfection made possible for us by the gift of Christ. He calls upon us to make our choice on the right side, to connect with heavenly agencies, to adopt principles that will restore in us the divine image. In His written word and in the great book of nature He has revealed the principles of life. It is our work to obtain a knowledge of these principles, and by obedience to cooperate with Him in restoring health to the body as well as to the soul.— CD 16 – CD 16.1

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