Tofu Balls In A Tantanmen Ramen Base With Udon Noodles, Pak

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Tofu balls in a Tantanmen ramen base with udon noodles, pak choi and sesame 🍜🀀 recipe for the tofu balls was taken from @woon.heng and was soo delicious and a great meat alternative 🀩
🍜 tofu ball ramen recipe 🍜
β€’ 450g firm tofu, mashed β€’ 200g sautéed mushrooms and carrots with garlic β€’ 1 tsp cornstarch β€’ 1/2 tsp salt β€’ dash of soy β€’

Literally just mash / blend all your ingredients together and press into balls about a tablespoon big πŸ₯„ I didn’t have an air fryer (like @woon.heng uses) so I simply baked for 5/10 mins in the oven and then fried in some sesame oil for 5 minutes to make extra crispy πŸ₯’ set them aside and the noodles, pak choi and ramen base (the recipe for this is in my Tantanmen ramen post but this time I doubled it for 4🍜) then assemble the bowl with the noodles, tofu balls and pak choi and then spooned the sauce over top and sprinkled with sesame seeds (also good with an extraaaa big drizzle of sriracha 😜😜)