Today’s Sunday Rice Is Jollof Rice

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Today’s Sunday rice is Jollof Rice
For a dish that Ghanaians and Nigerians fight over, we all agree that jollof rice is something that originated from Senegal. But do y’all actually know the story behind it. Well, I did the research for you so you don’t have to go scouring through google. Apparently, there was a chef in Senegal in the mid 1800 by the name of penda mbaye. She used to cook for the colonial governor in St. Louis which was once the capital for French West Africa. Penda as a chef was exposed to the new ingredients being brought with the colonizers from all over the world and loved experimenting. Apparently there was a shortage of barley for a barley and vegetable dish she was trying to create and so she used rice. The rest is history. I don’t even know how true this story is but that’s what has been popularized. In Senegal the tomato based rice dish is known as thiebouddienne/cheebu jien (in Wolof) ceeb means rice and jen is for fish. I guess it’s spread across west African as a Wolof dish and maybe the name came to be jollof rice in other parts of west Africa. Again it’s quite shaky of a history. I am doing some more research on the Senegalese version of thiebouddiene and will love to try to veganize it in the near future
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